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Wisconsin is home to 12 tribal nations, each with its own unique history, culture, and government. As sovereign entities, these nations have the inherent right to create, enforce, and adjudicate laws to protect and enhance the well-being of tribal members within tribal territory. This authority is an intrinsic right that has been present since time immemorial.
However, under the mainstream conception of American law, tribal governments are often overlooked. This narrow perspective fails to acknowledge the significant contributions of
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Here is the latest faculty scholarship appearing in the University of Wisconsin Law School Legal Studies Research Papers series found on SSRN.

Election-related litigation is soaring. Litigants regularly challenge every aspect of an election cycle, from who can vote to how votes are cast and counted to the certification of results. Courts
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Here is the latest faculty scholarship appearing in the University of Wisconsin Law School Legal Studies Research Papers series found on SSRN.

Community supervision agencies and officers do not just supervise people on probation and parole. They also play a unique and privileged role at sentencing. In nearly every state, community supervision officers investigate and write the presentence report, which is often the judge’s
Continue Reading Recent UW Law Faculty Scholarship: Supervising Sentencing; Robust Electoral Competition: Rethinking Electoral Systems to Encourage Representative Outcomes; Independence Reconceived; Is the Constitution of 1787 a White Supremacist Document? Against Essentialism in Constitutional Interpretation; and May 30, 1787

On April 12 and 13, the UW Law School Indigenous Law Students Association will host the Coming Together of Peoples Conference, the longest-running student-led Indigenous law conference.  It is open to both in-person attendance and virtual participation via Zoom.
Registration Information: The conference is free and open to the public. Registration is now available. Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits are currently pending for Wisconsin and Minnesota.
Conference Highlights:

  • Keynote Address: JoAnn Jones, a former Ho Chunk Judge and the tribe’s

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Here is the latest faculty scholarship appearing in the University of Wisconsin Law School Legal Studies Research Papers series found on SSRN.

303 Creative purports to resolve a tension between freedom of speech and public accommodations laws as applied to “creative professionals” whose products or services are expressive.
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Last week in our Advanced Legal Research course at UW Law, we delved into the topic of legislative research including 50 state surveys.  Inevitably, there are a few students every year who have been tasked with compiling and comparing laws across states and spent hours searching the laws of each state.
Then we show them the various 50 state survey tools and they shake their heads at the amount of time they could have saved if they had known
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Last week, the University of Wisconsin Law School was recognized by Bloomberg Law in the 2023-24 Law School Innovation Program. The program recognizes law schools and their faculty and staff that have implemented and led innovative programs into their curricula that advance new methodologies and approaches to student instruction, legal technology implementation and usage, experiential learning, and other facets of legal education.
The UW Law School was recognized in the “Beyond the Law” category for the Law Library’s
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On Friday, April 12th, and Saturday, April 13th the Indigenous Law Students Association (ILSA) at the University of Wisconsin Law School will host the 38th Coming Together of Peoples Conference (CTOPC).  Registration is now available.
This is an excellent conference and I encourage any attorneys, professionals, and students interested in Indigenous law to attend.  In-person and Zoom options are available.
[For more information, see WisBlawg post dated 3-19-24]
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Here is the latest faculty scholarship appearing in the University of Wisconsin Law School Legal Studies Research Papers series found on SSRN.

This report unpacks state legislative vetoes and aims to prompt renewed conversation on this largely overlooked state governance tool. Evaluating the significance, legality, and desirability of legislative vetoes must start
Continue Reading Recent UW Law Faculty Scholarship: Unpacking State Legislative Vetoes; How to Break Up Amazon; Specialist Directors; Mandatory Equity Issuances as a First-Best Solution to Punishing Corporate Misconduct

Once again this year, UW Law School is offering free Ethics CLE seminars. The live Zoom sessions will be held next week, Wednesday, January 24, Thursday, January 25, and Friday, January 26. Attendees will receive up to 3 Wisconsin EPR Credits (1 per session) pending approval by the Wisconsin Board of Bar Examiners. Register for each session you wish to attend to receive the appropriate Zoom link(s).
Two of the three sessions will address the use of generative
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Applications are now open for the Fall 2024 William H. Hastie Fellowship Program at the University of Wisconsin Law School.  The two-year fellowship, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, provides aspiring scholars an outstanding opportunity to prepare for a career in law teaching.
Under the guidance of mentors and with faculty support, Hastie Fellows will:

  • engage in intensive research and writing,
  • participate in the hiring process of law schools, and
  • gain teaching experience.

Fellows pursue a scholarly agenda
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The recent release of Netflix’s “The Railway Men,” a series centered on the 1984 gas leak at the American-owned Union Carbide factory in Bhopal, India, has reignited global interest in one of the most devastating industrial accidents in history. The lethal gas killed several thousands immediately and many more in the succeeding weeks and months. The series narrates the efforts of railway workers and others who played a crucial role in rescue operations during this crisis.

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University of Wisconsin Law School alumni may remember that there used to be an area of the building affectionately known as the Reality Checkpoint. This stairway to nowhere became a landmark for a generation of law students.  Today, the UW Law Library brings this unique piece of history back to the law school.
Having outgrown the original 1893 brownstone, the UW Law School building underwent a series of renovations in the mid-20th century. The stairway, which was
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The University of Wisconsin Law Library regularly engages in strategic planning and assessment to ensure consistency with our mission, realization of our goals, and alignment with the research and learning needs of our students and faculty.

I’m pleased to share our 2021-22 Strategic Planning and Assessment Report which describes the following strategic initiatives and our efforts to realize them.

  • Expand our nationally recognized Law School scholarly impact and visibility program
  • Survey faculty about their research & instructional needs to

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Last week, the State Democracy Research Initiative from the University of Wisconsin Law School launched two new interactive websites highlighting the uniqueness of state constitutions: The Democracy Principle & Tracking Constitutional Change.

“State constitutions are unique documents—in the rights they confer, the governmental structures they establish, and the ways they change over time,” notes Bree Grossi Wilde, Executive Director at SDRI. “They are not miniature federal constitutions, and they should be studied on their own terms. SDRI’s new
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