WisLawNOW is a community of Wisconsin legal bloggers established by the State Bar of Wisconsin in partnership with LexBlog. Through this syndicated network, Wisconsin legal bloggers reach a wider audience and build their reputations in their areas of practice, while helping expand understanding of the law, all in one place.

About the State Bar of Wisconsin

The State Bar of Wisconsin is a professional association that provides educational, career development, and other services to over 25,000 Wisconsin lawyers. In addition, we provide public services, including attorney referrals, public education, and reduced-fee legal assistance for low-income state residents.

Although it was created by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, the State Bar is not a state agency and its operations are not supported with tax revenues. Instead, the private association is supported by member dues and earned revenues (e.g., from the sale of books, legal seminars, and other products). The State Bar does not license or discipline attorneys. These and related activities are administered by separate state agencies.

Visit the State Bar’s website to learn more.