Wisconsin’s winter weather forces us to stay inside for months at a time, making that first warm day of spring that much more enjoyable. There’s nothing better than shedding your heavy winter coat, heading outside, and taking advantage of the sunlight and warmer weather.

As personal injury lawyers in the Milwaukee area, we love taking advantage of all the fun events our city has to offer, especially when these events bring our community together.

Here’s a list of community
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Sleep apnea is an extremely common condition, with close to a quarter of Americans over 30 struggling with breathing while sleeping. When your breathing is shallow or even temporarily stops at night, you can experience health problems ranging from simple fatigue to high blood pressure, heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and stroke.

The most common treatment for sleep apnea is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy. With CPAP therapy, a machine worn while you sleep delivers positive airflow through
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Paraquat has been used for many years by Wisconsin farmers to control weeds and grasses. But what are the dangers of using this powerful herbicide and do you have grounds for a paraquat lawsuit? Continue reading to learn more about paraquat and your legal rights.
What is Paraquat?
Paraquat is the chemical name for a powerful herbicide or weed-killing product that is marketed under dozens of different brand names. Many people know paraquat as Gramoxone, Alligare, FarmWorks, Bayer Advanced
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On average, semi-trucks traveling throughout Wisconsin are involved in nearly 6,000 crashes each year, many of which have created lifelong injuries and fatal tragedies to others. And although tractor-trailer operators must be licensed, undergo extensive training, and drive according to the “rules of the road,” many of these drivers and their trucking companies have been held responsible.
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If you or one of your loved ones are considering contacting a personal injury attorney, you are probably dealing with a difficult situation. Painful injuries, expensive bills, and worries about the future can leave you stressed out and confused. Even simple tasks can be hard under those circumstances, and navigating the world of legal options, processes, and terms can be extremely confusing.

To help you successfully maneuver through these unfamiliar words and actions, we have created a comprehensive guide
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Wisconsin was one of the earliest adopters of workers’ compensation laws dating back to 1911. Workers’ compensation is like a no-fault system, meaning an injured worker can be compensated if the injury “arises out of” employment. Whether the employer did anything wrong or if the employer was negligent, it does not typically matter. The worker in either case receives benefits according to a series of schedules that depend on the earnings of the worker, the body part injured, and
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Numerous conditions can cause someone to slip and fall and result in injury. Conditions such as uneven pavement, improperly marked steps, folded-up floor mats, potholes, bad tiles or floors, or items left on the floor are a few examples.

Slips can occur due to water on floors or ice on sidewalks or parking lots. Ice can accumulate naturally, by improper drainage from a roof or a snow pile, or when proper snow removal and salting is ignored. Water can
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