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The most followed page on Facebook (other than Facebook’s official page, which is very Meta) is that of Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. He has more than 162 million followers, and every post he shares garners hundreds of thousands of comments and likes within a few hours.
The most-liked social media post of all time is an Instagram post made by soccer player Lionel Messi, a native of Argentina, celebrating his team’s victory in the 2022
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Each year, Wisconsin Lawyer Magazine does a round-up of the latest legal trends. For the second year in a row I shared my thoughts on a legal marketing trend everyone should be paying attention to.
“Whether you routinely celebrate the work anniversaries of connections on LinkedIn, or have recently purchased a Stanley Quencher, social media is influencing your actions and ideas. And it’s doing the same thing to your clients,” said Emily Stever Kelchen of Kelchen Consulting in Tennessee.
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About the time this Wisconsin Lawyer arrives in your mailbox, the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated will be hitting newsstands. As it does every year, Vogue’s “September issue” will highlight the fashion trends for the coming year. In December, Time will name its “Person of the Year.” These signature issues are planned many months – often as many as 6-12 months – in advance of publication. That planning is key to their success.These hotly anticipated publications are carefully crafted
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Social media is one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools that modern lawyers can use to market themselves. However, determining which platforms to use, properly setting up accounts, and deciding what to post and how often can be a daunting task. This is especially true when considering the many ethical rules that attorneys must follow when using social media, as violating the Rules of Professional Conduct can result in disciplinary actions that are costly to defend, cause reputational
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Getting the most out of the professional and business associations you belong to is something I’m always talking about with my clients.
Most of these organizations have websites, newsletters, magazines, and social media accounts they need to fill with useful content. Some of them make a point of highlighting their members whenever possible. Putting yourself and your work forward when there is an opportunity to get before a bigger audience is a great way to raise your profile.
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I recently co-authored an article on nine ways you can be a better ally with two other nonresident members of the State Bar of Wisconsin — Roya Bahrami and Ioua Alen Marcyn B. Lagazo. As we note in the article, “Being an ally isn’t about being “woke.” It’s about being a decent human being.”

There is a growing sense among bar associations throughout the United States that lawyers should be required to take continuing legal education courses that focus
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To be a lawyer is to be a writer. In this profession, there’s no way to escape putting pen to paper, or more realistically, fingers to keyboard. Many attorneys do so much writing on behalf of clients, the thought of setting time aside to write for one’s self is overwhelming. However, getting published is a powerful marketing tool.Read more on the State Bar of Wisconsin’s website, or in the December 2021 issue of Wisconsin Lawyer magazine.
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I’ve got a new blog post up on the State Bar of Wisconsin Nonresident Lawyers Division – NRLD blog. It’s something I wrote for fun, not about legal marketing, but I wanted to share it with you anyway. I often talk to my clients about finding ways to amplify their voice by leveraging their network. This sort of post is what I’m talking about.
It was worth my time to write this post not just because it was
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On July 20, I am joining forces with Amanda Sexton from FocusWorks Marketing for a workshop on social media for lawyers. The event is being hosted by the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Institute for Continuing Legal Education. Attendees will walk away from this seminar with a social media action plan they can implement right away. We will also address the following topics:

  • Choosing platforms that make sense for your business;
  • Figuring out what to post;
  • Hashtags, hyperlinks,

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In a couple of weeks I will be packing up my office and making the move from New Jersey to Tennessee. This does not mean that Kelchen Consulting will be closing up shop. Blog posts, social media content, white papers, and websites can all be created remotely, as I have proven over the past few years. If you need help raising your online profile, and getting your voice heard, I am ready to help you. Please contact me to schedule
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Philadelphia is an amazing city to visit. There are lots of important historic sites to tour, museums to explore, and plenty of great restaurants to try. But if you want to get off the beaten path and explore a quirky legal attraction, head to the Mütter Museum.Getting to the 40 lb. ColonHidden deep in the depths of this medical collection owned by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia are kidney stones pulled from the body of Chief Justice
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I spent a recent evening rewatching one of my favorite movies, Apollo 13. As someone who grew up wanting to be an astronaut, I am usually sucked into the story, holding my breath as the drama unfolds. This time, however, I was captivated not by the crew, but by the team on the ground.
When things are falling apart, and nobody really knows if the crew can be saved, lead flight director Gene Kranz urges everyone to be calm,
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Young lawyers have a strong desire to give back. We are quick to donate to charitable causes, and many of us take on pro bono cases. But over the years there has been a steady decline in the number of attorneys, and in particular young attorneys, serving on local boards and as government officials. The nature of modern practice is often blamed for driving this trend, but it is also true that finding and securing these positions is not
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I always knew that someday I would leave Wisconsin. My husband’s work demanded it. But when that day came, I found myself completely overwhelmed by the job search/joining a new bar process even though I had spent months preparing for the move.
Now that I have settled into my new job/home/life and have had time to reflect on the experience, I’ve put together the following list of the top ten things that helped me smoothly transition to a new
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It’s a rainy, made-for-tea kind of day, and the start of another work from home week thanks to the global corona virus pandemic.
I am fortunate that the virus has not really impacted my work life. I typically work out of my home office, except when I visit my clients for in-person strategy sessions and video/photo shoots. I have learned A LOT about how to be productive in a non-traditional work environment over the past two years, and I
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I’m currently being inundated with emails and snail mail from a company desperate to sell me a plaque I can hang on my wall, which will entitle me to proclaim myself to be something like the Most Awesomest Attorney EVER! It’s tempting because I’m well aware of my awesomeness and would like others to know about my awesomeness as well, but any award you have to pay to accept is not an award worth having.

I’m constantly amazed at
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