Work-Life Balance

Mentoring and mentorship. Is there a generational divide? What experienced attorneys view as positive mentorship may be different from that of newer and younger attorneys in their first decade of practice. How do we bridge the gap? Co-hosts Emil Ovbiagele and Kristen Hardy explore the topic with guest Syovata Edari, a former criminal trial lawyer who is now an award-winning chocolatier.
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Meet Emil Ovbiagele, host of the new WisLawNOW Podcast, Bottom Up, produced by the State Bar of Wisconsin. Emil is the immediate past president of the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Young Lawyers Division and founder of OVB Law & Consulting S.C. in Milwaukee. The monthly podcast will focus on issues of interest to young lawyers in Wisconsin and beyond. Tune in!
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Wisconsin’s winter weather forces us to stay inside for months at a time, making that first warm day of spring that much more enjoyable. There’s nothing better than shedding your heavy winter coat, heading outside, and taking advantage of the sunlight and warmer weather.

As personal injury lawyers in the Milwaukee area, we love taking advantage of all the fun events our city has to offer, especially when these events bring our community together.

Here’s a list of community
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The past year has been a time of disruption and maybe even a little bit of chaos. Practicing law can bring stress and anxiety in “normal” times, but during the pandemic, even more so. Challenges brought by the needs and demands of clients, changing rules for court proceedings, and personal pressures have all combined to keep us constantly working on ways to stay balanced in a topsy-turvy world.

Mary Spranger, Manager of the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Lawyers Assistance
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It’s safe to say our nation is in uncharted territory when contemplating how to establish a work-life balance while homeschooling and caring for children, keeping up with the demands of “work from home,” and facing an unknown future. Fortunately, many people have had access to the necessary technology to work from home. Unfortunately, there is no handbook on how to balance employment with childcare and educational needs.
Early Days of the Pandemic
At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic,
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