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Motor vehicle accidents are common. So common, in fact, that it is likely that everyone reading this blog has been involved in one, and if you have not, it is only a matter of time until you are involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, what is also extremely common are the traumatic brain injuries that result from accidents.
Why are they so common?
TBIs are so common because they can result from any jolt to the body or head.
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The state of Wisconsin provides residents and visitors with many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors during the winter, including skiing or snowboarding at a variety of ski areas and resorts. However, these activities can be dangerous, and accidents can occur that may result in serious injuries. In these situations, injury victims may wonder whether someone else was at fault for the harm they have suffered and whether they can file a lawsuit against a ski area or another liable
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Property owners have certain duties under Wisconsin law to protect others from safety hazards. The landlord of an apartment complex has a responsibility to their tenants and all lawful guests to take reasonable steps to maintain their premises and comply with any applicable property codes.
In addition to maintaining the units in the apartment complex, landlords are typically responsible for lobbies, stairwells, pool areas, parking lots, gyms, terraces and other common areas.
Unfortunately, many apartment residents and guests suffer
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We have all said the stray expletive in traffic. It is frustrating, boring, and dangerous. No one likes traffic. However, even driving without traffic can be hair raising, especially after a Packers game. And, you may have wondered to yourself whether Wisconsin has the worst drivers.
Does Wisconsin have the worst drivers?
Actually, no. Surprisingly, Wisconsin ranks right in the middle at 22. This means our roads are relatively safe compared with many other states, according to data from
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A workplace injury can leave you facing significant hardship. While you struggle to recoup from the physical harm that you have experienced, the financial realities of your recovery can leave you in a predicament. Although worker’s compensation benefits might provide you with some relief, in order to successfully navigate the process, you’ll have to know how to handle some of its intricacies.
What is the independent medical examination?
When you seek worker’s compensation benefits, the insurance company will probably
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Many media reports of motor vehicle accidents conclude with a statement that the accident remains under investigation. A recent account of a head-on collision ended with the statement that “The Wisconsin State Patrol is reconstructing the crash.”

What exactly does this statement mean? How can investigators “reconstruct” the collision of two or more vehicles?

Forensic Engineering

Accident reconstruction is a branch of forensic engineering in which investigators use many different technologies to calculate the speed of the vehicles, the
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You may be commuting to work on I-41 or dropping your kids off at Appleton West when suddenly, “Crash!” you are t-boned by another vehicle. The crash rattles you emotionally and you sustain physical injuries that will take quite a while to heal. You may wish to pursue a lawsuit in order to be compensated for your damages.
However, car crashes are not always straightforward. There are many factors at play, and sometimes both parties made mistakes. For example,
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Sustaining an injury at work can bring your normal life to a complete stop. A serious injury that prevents you from working can cause you incredible stress over how you are going to pay your bills and take care of your loved ones.
Depending on the type and seriousness of your injury, you may also worry about being able to go back to work again. On top of everything, you are likely going to many medical appointments and watching
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Car accidents hurt millions of American drivers and passengers every year. While most of the focus is on the physical trauma and the pain that affects the body, some people forget that car crashes always include emotional trauma as well.
All car accidents have some level of emotional trauma
Even a low-speed accident in Wisconsin, without any serious damage, causes a bit of emotional trauma — even if it is just the shock of the car accident itself or
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Many motor vehicle accidents occur each year on America’s roads. A serious head-on collision occurred on Interstate 43 between two trucks recently. According to the police report, a truck was on the northbound side of the interstate highway when another truck on the southbound side crossed over the median and crashed into the truck on the other side.
According to an eye witness, authorities blocked off the highway after the crash occurred and other cars were getting off as
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Trucks need to share the roads in Wisconsin with many other vehicles. Trucks are generally transporting large loads of items that are essential for the people and businesses in Wisconsin. They play a vital role in the state, but they are much larger than the other vehicles on the roads. This means that truck drivers need to drive even more carefully than other drivers.
Truck accidents can cause significant damage to other vehicles and serious injuries to their occupants.
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After a serious injury at work, a resident of Appleton or the other communities around Wisconsin might not be able to perform their jobs. They also may no longer be able to do their favorite activities, like enjoy the outdoors, for example. In the worst cases, they will depend on other people for help, perhaps for the rest of their lives.
Thankfully, workers’ compensation benefits are available to most employees who suffer a severe injury in a workplace accident. 
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When you’re injured in a car accident, the physical pain of your injury and recovery are not the only challenge you may have to deal with. You can end up in financial trouble as well, unable to work for an extended period of time and facing medical bills that insurance didn’t cover. This is especially true if the driver at fault was uninsured or underinsured.
How does uninsured/underinsured coverage work?
Wisconsin requires every driver to have uninsured motorist coverage.
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