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By: Attorney Chris Strohbehn
Commercial trucks are an essential part of the transportation industry and the economy of the United States. They carry goods, materials, and other products throughout the country, ensuring that items can be delivered on time. Unfortunately, truck accidents are a common occurrence on our nation’s roads and highways, and inadequate maintenance is one of the leading causes of these accidents. When a truck’s equipment is not properly maintained, this can affect the safety of everyone
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by: Ray Dall’Osto, Chris Strohbehn, Jack McNally & Jason Luczak     
In November of 2022, a major cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, failed and has filed for bankruptcy, resulting in billions of dollars of losses for owners of virtual or crypto currency.  Over the past several years, many people in the United States and throughout the world have invested in cryptocurrency. While some have been able to earn profits by trading these currencies, many others have experienced losses. 
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By: Attorney Megan Drury
Going through a divorce is difficult enough, but when you suspect your spouse of hiding assets, it can make the process even more complicated and frustrating. Your marital property, which includes all assets and debts that you have acquired during your marriage, should be divided fairly between both parties. Unfortunately, there are many divorce cases where spouses try to unfairly influence the property division process by concealing money or other valuable assets. Here are five
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By: Attorney Jorge Fragoso 
On November 8, 2022, Tony Evers was reelected as Governor of the state of Wisconsin. Since he was originally elected in 2019, Governor Evers has made efforts to grant clemency to people who have been convicted of crimes and are deserving of a second chance. He has granted a total of more than 600 pardons during his time in office, and he has stated that he will continue to pardon convicts during his next term.
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By: Attorney Adam Schleis

It is legal to own and possess firearms in the United States and the state of Wisconsin, although there are certain exceptions, such as when a person has been convicted of a felony. However, while the laws regarding gun ownership are clear, firearms may only be used for certain purposes, and certain types of illegal uses of guns may lead to criminal charges. If you are facing charges related to the use of a
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By: Attorney Chris Strohbehn
A car accident can be a harrowing experience. In the blink of an eye, your vehicle can be damaged or totaled, and you or your passengers can be seriously injured. Every day, thousands of car accidents occur on roads and highways across the United States. While some of these accidents are caused by weather or road conditions, many are the result of driver error, including violations of traffic laws and actions by drivers that put
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There are a number of criminal offenses that are commonly known as “white collar crimes.”  These generally involve the theft of money or misappropriation of funds and other forms of fraud that are committed using non-violent actions. Wire fraud and mail fraud are related offenses that are included in this category. However, many people are unaware of exactly what wire fraud is and what types of actions can result in criminal charges being filed against an individual or business
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By: Attorney Adam Schleis
The ability to attend school and receive a quality education is a right provided to all children in the United States. However, this right can sometimes be affected by disciplinary matters that cause school officials to believe that a student should be removed from school. In Wisconsin, specific procedures must be followed before a student can be expelled, and parents may need to take steps to defend their child and ensure that they will still
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By: Attorney Chris Strohbehn
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2020, 6,516 people were killed in pedestrian accidents in the United States. This equates to one pedestrian being killed every 81 minutes. In addition, around 55,000 pedestrians suffered non-fatal injuries in motor vehicle collisions. While pedestrian accidents can occur nearly anywhere and at all times of the day or night, there are certain factors that play a role in these accidents more often than others.
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By: Attorney Megan Drury and Paralegal Ali Jaeger
If you are a parent who receives child support in Wisconsin, these payments may be essential for ensuring that you can provide for your children’s ongoing needs. Unfortunately, enforcement of child support orders put in place by a court is often necessary in cases where non-custodial parents fall behind on payments. The good news is that there are several different ways to enforce a child support order in Wisconsin. 
Child Support
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by Nicole Masnica, Jason Luczak and Adam Schleis
As the world has become digitized, computer fraud and internet fraud are becoming increasingly common. Many people and companies engage in actions that are deceptive and are intentionally fraudulent, which cause users significant harm, such as by stealing confidential, personal and other important information, convincing people to turn over money or property, or gaining access to financial accounts. As knowledge of these types of activities increases, law enforcement agencies are
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By: Attorney Kristen Nelson and Sarah Reckling
Licensed professionals in Wisconsin are held to professional standards of conduct. Businesses that provide chiropractic services must maintain the necessary licenses, and those who are accused of acting unprofessionally or in violation of their licensure may face potential disciplinary measures.. In these situations, the Wisconsin Chiropractic Examining Board (WCEB) may take one or more types of disciplinary actions, which could include issuing a reprimand, suspension, revocation, or renewal refusal. Chiropractors who may
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By: Attorney Megan Drury and Paralegal Ali Jaeger
After going through a divorce, the lives of parents and children are likely to change. As new opportunities arise, new relationships are formed, and adjustments are made based on a person’s goals, the time may come for a parent to consider moving to a new home. In some cases, these types of moves may be relatively minor, and they may involve a simple relocation to a different neighborhood or a
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By: Attorney Chris Strohbehn
While injuries can occur in a variety of different ways, some of the most common situations that give rise to personal injury claims or lawsuits involve slip and fall accidents. These accidents can occur in multiple locations, including people’s homes, workplaces, or public places. While they may seem minor, slip and fall accidents often result in serious injuries. Because property owners have a responsibility to ensure that their premises are safe and free of
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The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides Americans with the right to bear arms. While many have interpreted this law in different ways, it has been generally agreed that people in the United States are allowed to own and carry firearms. However, the specific laws regarding gun possession vary from state to state. Wisconsin’s gun laws are less restrictive than some states, and most people are allowed to possess firearms, while concealed weapons can be carried by those
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By: Attorney Adam Schleis
For a parent, few things are worse than the prospect of losing custody of their children. Unfortunately, there are some situations where a parent may be accused of child abuse or where school officials or other parties may be concerned that a child is at risk of harm. In these cases, Wisconsin Child Protective Services (CPS) may initiate a child in need of protective services (CHIPS) action. Children may be temporarily removed from their parents’
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