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How to pass on your possessions may seem like the main point of estate planning, but passing on possessions has evolved. We are living in times when “stuff” isn’t as coveted by the younger generations. Tastes change right along with technology and what once may have been considered as a “had to have” item, could now be considered worthless to keep. In estate planning you’re typically thinking about your money and large assets like your home. But you should
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How to protect your digital assets should be top of mind as our lives move more online. Your digital assets may be a huge part of your estate and you may not even know it. Many think that tangible assets are all that needs to be in an estate plan, like your house, your money, etc. But now is the time to take stock of how much of your life is online and how you can protect your digital
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Five years ago, cryptocurrency was probably not on your radar, let alone a part of your estate plan. Today, it may be an important investment in your portfolio. You could even own some nonfungible tokens (NFTs), which are powered by the same blockchain-based technology. Despite the dizzying fluctuations in the value of these assets, you should ensure that they are included in your estate plan so you can preserve them for your heirs.
Preserving Cryptocurrency: What to do Now
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An estate plan often focuses on tangible property such as jewelry, artwork, money, and vehicles. However, in this age of technology, it is important to remember to include planning for your digital assets. Digital assets consist of everything we own online. Because we spend more time on computers and smartphones than we ever did before, you may not realize how much digital stuff you own, from photos and videos to online accounts, cryptocurrency, and nonfungible tokens (NFTs).
Why Is
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Losing a loved one is the hardest time in one’s life and knowing what not to do when a loved one dies is so important. With the to do list that comes along with making arrangements after your partner’s passing, sometimes decisions can be made hastily or even brushed to the side. Grief is different for everyone, and during an emotional time we never know how we are going to react. We have guides for what to do
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Sometimes it isn’t as easy as leaving everything to your kids… do you need an incentive trust?
Regardless of your wealth, all of our family dynamics are different. You may have children that you want to leave everything to, but there may be one thing holding you back. Considering the maturity of your trustees is important when creating your estate plan. If you aren’t sure that your children would be able to handle an inheritance, or the responsibility of
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Opening your own business may have been your dream, but sometimes all that comes along with running the business can be overwhelming. With all your hard work, thinking about exiting your business usually isn’t in the forefront of your mind. Succession planning for business owners can seem daunting, but you’ve worked so hard to open and run your business, why not make sure it ends up in the right hands when the time comes? You may want to keep
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The challenges of owning a business are what keep many from even reaching for their dreams. Add in a worsening economy and rising inflation and the challenges of owning a business become even greater. Starting a business isn’t always easy to begin with, but if you do successfully open your business, how do you keep afloat during tough times? We recently read that “91% of small business owners already struggle with the current economy’s impact on their industries,
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Estate planning is full of big decisions, and thinking “who do I name in my estate plan?” is probably the biggest one. In your estate plan you’ll be naming the people whom you wish to take over your finances, assets, and administering your belongings. It can be a tough decision. Here is a breakdown of who you are naming in your estate plan and ways to pick the best candidates.
Who Do I Name in My Estate Plan?
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The biggest estate planning mistakes can be devastating to your loved ones. We hear the same things over and over when it comes to estate planning. “I don’t need an estate plan, my loved ones will get everything.”. “My family can decide what to do with my assets.”. “I’m healthy, I don’t need an estate plan.”. These are all excuses that can only lead to devastating circumstances for you and your family. Here are the biggest estate planning mistakes
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With so many misconceptions around estate planning, it’s important to ask why is estate planning important? Many think that needing an estate plan is only important if you’re extremely wealthy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many aspects to estate planning that apply to literally anyone. Sure, the more complex your finances are probably prompts a little more protection, but everyone has a reason to have some sort of plan in place if something were
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