Landlord-Tenant Law

I originally wrote this post in 2018. While I don’t love utilizing old blog posts, this is an important topic and the fact that more tenants don’t know their rights/get caught in these trap doors, is a personal pet peeve. With COVID dollars drying up and evictions back in person in Milwaukee County, I thought it was a good time to dust off this post and re-visit it.

In Wisconsin, there are plenty of “gotchas” or “trap doors” in
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A common call into our office is one from a residential landlord wondering what to do in the following scenario: a tenant moved out at the end of their lease, but they left a lot of property behind, and the landlord is wondering what their options are.

Security Deposit

The magic number to remember for security deposits is 21. A landlord must return any amount of the security deposit not withheld, plus an accounting for any withholdings from the
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