When an injury occurs at work, knowing the steps to take immediately can ensure your safety and protect your rights.

There are several things you should do right after a workplace injury.

Seek medical attention

The first priority is to get medical help. Even if the injury seems minor, it’s important to have a professional assess your condition. Some injuries might not show immediate symptoms but could have serious long-term effects.

Report the injury

As soon as possible, report the injury to your supervisor or to the designated health and safety officer at your workplace. This step is important because it officially documents the incident. Most employers have a standard procedure for reporting accidents, which often includes filling out an incident report form.

Document everything

Keep detailed records of everything related to the injury and its aftermath. This includes the time and place of the accident, what you were doing, how the injury occurred and who witnessed it. Also, keep a record of all medical treatments and any communication with your employer about the injury.

Follow company procedures

Adhere to your company’s specific protocols for handling workplace injuries. This may involve providing a written statement or participating in a follow-up investigation. Following these procedures is necessary for processing your workers’ compensation claim.

Understand your workers’ compensation rights

Familiarize yourself with your rights under workers’ compensation laws. Workers’ compensation typically covers medical expenses and lost wages if you’re unable to work because of the injury. Knowing your rights can help you make informed decisions about your care and any benefits you may claim.

Consult with a workers’ compensation attorney

If you face any issues with your claim or if your employer disputes your account of the incident, consider consulting a workers’ compensation attorney. They can provide guidance and represent your interests in any disputes.

Taking these steps immediately after a workplace injury can help ensure that you receive the necessary medical care and compensation and protect your legal rights.