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A change of scenery can be as authentic as going to a Wisconsin cabin, allowing yourself to indulge in the calming breeze of the pleasant summer season.

But as you are deep in the woods and far from modern conveniences, it is crucial to adequately prepare by equipping yourself with tools and strategies to avoid tragic road accidents. After all, you wouldn’t want your tranquil retreat to turn into a legal nightmare.
Ways cabin-goers stay safe on the road
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Murphy’s law states, “if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.” That adage might hold true for some of the most dangerous occupations in America. But just how dangerous are certain occupations? And how worried should Wisconsin’s workers be?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), America saw 5,190 fatal work injuries in 2021. Of that total, 105 work-related deaths occurred in Wisconsin.
The most dangerous work events
When broken down for which types of
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Whatever floats your boat, they say. Imagine the pure joy of boating in a beautiful Wisconsin lake during summer, only to crash the waters later in the day due to someone’s negligence.

The state’s Department of Natural Resources reported 20 fatal boating accidents last year, on top of another 112 boat-related incidents. If you’re contemplating sailing away or already in the middle of the aquatic fun, take extra precautions by reading on. 
Leading causes of boating accidents
Before operating
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Workplace accidents can happen anytime you least expect them – even on the first day of work.

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) study, new workers are five times more likely to receive injuries than their more experienced seniors. In addition, 40% of all injuries recorded for the report involved workers who have been on the job for less than a year. BLS even estimated that one in every eight injuries occurs on a worker’s first day.
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A holiday celebration almost does not feel as special without a grand fireworks display. But improper use of fireworks can quickly extinguish all the high-spirited fun.

In 2021 alone, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported nine fireworks fatalities and approximately 11,500 fireworks injuries rushed to U.S. hospital emergencies. Burns on fingers, ears, and face are the most common injuries. Other severe injuries include loss of hearing and vision.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services provides safety tips and
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Victims of auto vehicle accidents might receive severe injuries that are expensive to treat and take a long time to recover from. They can usually file a claim for personal injury to help them pay for their treatment and offset the cost of being unable to go to work.

If you are in a car crash, the following documents might help support your claim:
Police report
Law enforcement officers are usually among the first to arrive at the scene
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Worker’s compensation can cover several benefits and not just medical ones. It can cover the travel needed for medical treatment, wage benefits, and any rehabilitation you may need.
What are vocational rehabilitation and retraining benefits?
If a healthcare professional treating you decides that your work-related injury resulted in “permanent restrictions” that affect your ability to work, you may be qualified for vocational rehabilitation. Rehabilitation aims to give you the resources and services you need to restore you as close
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Truck accidents can be devastating. Physical injuries, emotional trauma and financial hardship are just some of the difficulties waiting if you get involved in one. If you are a worker who got injured while on duty, you will likely face a lot more than that. Since your livelihood is at stake, you may struggle to support yourself and your family.
Financial implications of a truck accident
When a truck accident occurs, it can have serious financial implications for the
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Overwhelmed with anxiety and depression, Peter J. Carman for a time considered quitting the legal profession after years of being in practice. A call to the State Bar’s Wisconsin Lawyers Assistance Program (WisLAP) changed that. The volunteer lawyer on the other end of the phone helped “talk me off the edge” says Carman. He shares his experience as both an attorney who received help from WisLAP and now as a volunteer with that program helping other lawyers.

The Wisconsin
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To certain people who work in industries involving manual labor, injuries are just part of the job. It might be a daily occurrence for specific jobs, but certain professions are more prone to sustaining severe or fatal work injuries.

The risks for workers could vary depending on their jobs, industries and tasks. The government closely monitors these demographics, so they can examine them, determine how to improve work conditions and find ways to prevent these figures from increasing.
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Whether you plan to camp or transport livestock, you might need to use a trailer. However, this equipment could become a collision risk if it does not meet standards imposed by state law.
Certain trailers require permits, but only if they go beyond limits set by state law. Fortunately, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation provides guidelines and rules regarding trailer use. These regulations include the following:

Trailers weighing over 3,000 pounds require an ID number from the Department of
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If you were in a car or truck accident, you might experience sudden and unusual sensations over the next several days. You must not ignore any of these sensations as they may be symptoms of injury to crucial parts of your body. For instance, the following symptoms can point to a possible spinal cord injury.

Severe pain or pressure on your back, neck, and head
A sudden feeling of stiffness in your neck
Tingling in any part of your
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For Immediate Release
The National Trial Lawyers is pleased to announce that Peter J. Carman of Law Office of Peter J. Carman, S.C. in Appleton has been re-selected as an NTL – Civil Plaintiff – Top 100 Trial Lawyer in the state of Wisconsin after his first year as an exceptionally respected member.
This honor is given to only the top 100 attorneys for their superior qualifications, trial results, and leadership as young criminal defense and civil plaintiff lawyers.
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Everyone has had a late night worrying about work. Everyone has been too tired to do something after they get home. However, if your time on the clock has left you so tired you have an accident when you are no longer at work, you are at risk for injuries. And those injuries may qualify for coverage under workers’ compensation.
To be sure, it is more difficult to get claims from worker’s compensation if your injuries did not occur
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Both public and private employees can rely on their worker’s compensation benefits when they suffer work-related injuries. However, coverage can extend beyond the workplace.
You could use this benefit if you got injured in the following scenarios:

While hauling objects or doing strenuous tasks on the job
Commuting to and from work
Within company property
Outside company premises to perform a work task
In a road accident while performing your job

However, the nature of your injury and its
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The police usually report car accidents in Wisconsin. However, what should you do if they are not easily accessible? Sometimes, it may feel like a bother if your accident left little to no damage.

You might be tempted to brush off the incident, but state laws indicate that any crash must be reported if it meets the following conditions:

  • Someone suffered an injury.
  • The collision caused at least $ 1,000 worth of private property damage.
  • It also damaged property

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