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In the past few years, there has been a reckoning nationwide as to the history of racial injustice and its continued effects on people of color. The murder of George Floyd and countless other Black people by police has reinvigorated a national discussion of racial injustice in the U.S. One only needs to observe one day in a Wisconsin courtroom to see racial disparity in stark reality. As a youth defense attorney in northeast Wisconsin for the past
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By Attorney Gregg HermanNovember 28, 2022

Few recent trials have attracted as much attention in the non-legal world than the Brooks trial in Waukesha.
Most of the comments relate to either praising the patience of Judge Dorow (much deserved) or criticizing the legal system for allowing such a circus to occur in the first place. The answer to the latter, as discussed in a previous column, is the constitutional
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A number of years ago, I dedicated a column to “Voices of Children – When Should They Be Heard?” Wisconsin Law Journal, January, 2016. In that article, I noted that in Wisconsin, unlike some other states, children never come to court and testify – either in open court or in chambers – regarding their preferences for custody or placement. Rather, Wis. Stat. §767.407 (4) requires the guardian ad litem to “consider, but not be bound by, the
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There are few Wisconsin attorneys in private practice with the experience to effectively represent juveniles in delinquency court. Maciolek Law Group in Green Bay has represented hundreds of children in court, defending their rights. It is our firm belief that any help or treatment that your child needs should come from family, not the County or the State.
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Family law issues can be tremendously complex and emotionally draining. Hiring a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney may be your key to a peaceful sleep at night. If you want to feel at ease knowing your case is in the best hands, hire a Super Lawyer.

Who Are Super Lawyers?

Super Lawyers are a stiff selection of “outstanding lawyers who have attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement.”

Our Super Lawyers and Rising Stars

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Domestic violence can leave not only physical scars but also mental ones. Sadly, survivors can struggle with anxiety, PTSD, depression, and other lasting mental issues. Click here to learn about it and how you can help the survivors of domestic violence.
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By Attorney Gregg HermanOctober 17, 2022

Without question, the biggest change in family law in my years of practice is the trend to settle cases rather than litigate. What was once routine has become rare.
For objective proof, since fewer litigated cases result in fewer appeals, we can look at the dwindling number of appellate cases in this field. Since I arrange case law update programs for the AAML,
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Youth justice advocates have been on a rollercoaster the past several years, waiting to see if the promised changes to juvenile correctional facilities, such as closing Lincoln Hills/Copper Lake and opening one or more new facilities, will happen. While the number of children being held at Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake has declined, there are still troubling issues with the facilities, including staffing shortages and the fact that most of the children are hours away from their
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After 38 years as a family law attorney with Loeb & Herman LLC, I have joined JAMS as a neutral in its Wisconsin office.

JAMS, which was founded in 1979, is the world’s largest ADR provider. Its panel includes more than 400 retired state and federal court judges, attorneys and other ADR professionals. I will be their second Wisconsin neutral, joining Judge Charles Clevert, a retired U.S. District Court judge.

As a result of joining JAMS, over the next
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For some people, pets1 are equally, if not slightly less, important than children,2​ when it comes to divorce.

In Wisconsin, pets are property and treated no different from the TV, car, or lawn mower. Some states have started to consider pets in a separate regard than simply property. There are laws that address custody and shared placement of pets. For example, an Alaska law requires the judge to consider the “well-being” of the pet in addressing the
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By Attorney Gregg HermanSeptember 14, 2022

The term “judicial activism” is commonly thrown around to disparage judges. It generally is used to accuse courts of being too aggressive or too liberal. A recent court of appeals decision contains an element which raises an interesting question.
In State v. Liebzeit, 2021AP9 the court of appeals reversed the trial court for modifying a sentence of life imprisonment without parole. The same
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Did you know that on September 12th, America celebrates a national day of encouragement? So if you or a loved one is going through a divorce or a challenging family law situation, take some time today to use words of encouragement. One day can make all the difference in the world.

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On March 11, 2022, Governor Evers signed SB 104, now 2021 WI Act 160. It was published on March 12 and became effective March 13, 2022.

2021 WI Act 160 modifies
DCF 150.02(13)(a)(8) to exclude “area variable housing costs” from a service member’s income for purposes of child support. Area variable housing costs refers to Variable Housing Allowances (VHA).

VHA is one component of the Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) and reflects the local area rental market. BAH rates are
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