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Hiring the right attorney can make or break your case, make sure you do not rush this process. Follow the link below for six tips to choosing the perfect family law attorney for your situation.

Top 6 Tips For Choosing A Good Family Attorney
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The spread of COVID-19 in early 2020 initiated a major shift in how people interacted with one another. What once took place in person moved online, and for some, the change was nice. Showing up virtually to work or school provided a getaway from the hassles of getting ready or commuting. While the push to an almost all-virtual way of living may have provided some with a reprieve from the stresses of everyday life, for others it made life
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Did you know that what you wear to court can have an affect on the outcome of your case? Don’t stress through, if you follow the advice in the link below you will be dressed appropriately.
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Though I try to discuss new topics in each of my columns, every once in a while, there is something which merits further discussion.

Such is the case with a simple idea: Courts should serve the public. In particular, parties should be allowed to be divorced without the costs and inconvenience of a public court appearance.

Wis. Stats. §767.235(1) requires that “…all hearings and trials to determine whether judgment shall be granted…shall be before the court.” However, this is
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Congratulations to David Kowalski!

At Kowalski, Wilson & Vang, LLC, the skills and experience of our team set us apart.

Attorney David Kowalski recently achieved a well-deserved honor, achieving Lead Counsel Verification in the practice areas of divorce and family law. This achievement was built on a foundation of his profound legal experience, solid reputation, and demonstrated ethics.

Please join us in congratulating David for this tremendous honor.
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As of March 11, 2022, Wisconsin parents who receive notice of deployment have new options available regarding custodial responsibilities for their children during deployment. The Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act (UDPCVA) creates Wis. Stat. chapter 324, specifically addressing custody and visitation issues for deployed parents. The Act expands the ability of both parents to delegate the custodial responsibilities for a child when a parent is deployed. Following is an overview of the most notable aspects of the
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Divorced parents can face many different struggles. The good news is that there are resources specifically designed for divorced parents. Follow the link for 6 of those resources.
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Restraining orders can be confusing. You may ask yourself, “should I get one” or, “will I have the qualifications for one.” We have answers. Click the link below to learn more about retraining orders.

Restraining Orders Stop the Abuse
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The Milwaukee County Accountability Program (MCAP)started in 2012 as a diversion program to rehabilitate juveniles in the court system. Male youth (ages 13 to 16½) charged with delinquency cases who were at risk of being sent to the Department of Youth Corrections could be court ordered to MCAP as a postdispositional placement.1 This one-year program consisted of an out-of-home placement and an in-home placement with the supervision of the parent or guardian. Participating youth had been adjudicated delinquent
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Being worried about a person enough to even think about filing a restraining order is stressful, let alone actually getting the restraining order. Linked is an article describing the four types of restraining orders in Wisconsin, and the requirements to obtain one.
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Same-sex couples and those who are in the LGBTQ community have the same rights as opposite-sex couples. These include the right to get married, to end a marriage through divorce, or to grow their family by having children. In many cases, these couples will look to adopt children, and when planning to do so, they will need to understand their options and the procedures that will need to be followed.

Types of Adoption for Same-Sex Couples
The adoption
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Divorce can be very confusing and stressful, and military divorce can be even harder. There are many possible rules that can come into play when dividing up benefits in a military divorce. Follow the link to learn more about them, and call our office at (608) 640-3048 so we can help to ensure you receive your proper benefits.

Military Divorce
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A couple facing divorce can be left with the question, what is going to happen with our business? What happens to a business in the event of a divorce depends on many things, such as when the business was started, what state you are in, and many more. Our firm is here to help you along the way and answer any questions you may have. Follow the link to lean more about business divorce, and contact our office today
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​Two years on, the COVID-19 pandemic is a daily reality that the millions of single, divorced, and separated parents across the country are struggling to navigate, and things are only getting more complicated. Parents are increasingly fighting over children’s vaccines, masks, remote schooling, and travel due to the differing views on COVID-19 safety.

With society slowly reopening, parents are frantically asking themselves whether their child should be socializing with their peers or staying at home. Are indoor activities safe?
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The SCRA (Servicemembers Civil Relief Act) is a principle that can grant any service member relief from the distraction of legal issues if they interfear with the service members duties. This act only applies to civil cases, it do not apply to criminal cases. Follow the link for a video explaining the SCRA.

Video scra 1
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By: Attorney Megan Drury
A couple that plans to get a divorce will need to address multiple types of assets during the property division process. While the division of some types of property may be fairly straightforward, determining to handle complex assets can often be a complicated process. This is especially true in cases where a couple owns a professional practice. After putting in so much time and effort to become a licensed professional and establish a practice, a
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