Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Feb. 28, 2022 – The State Bar of Wisconsin’s 52-member Board of Governors recently approved recommendations outlined in a Racial Justice Task Force Report to cultivate a more diverse and equitable legal system.

The Racial Justice Task Force was formed in 2020 following the officer-involved murder of George Floyd and other deaths of Black Americans at the hands of police officers, which sparked a summer of national, state, and local protests.

The group, formally created by then-president Kathy Brost,
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“Bring your authentic self to work!” Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, this doesn’t bode so well for professionals of color.

Specifically, I’m going to speak about Black women. One, I’m a Black woman. Two, it’s Black History Month.

Let’s learn together.
Microaggressions at Work
Merriam-Webster defines “microaggression” as a comment or action that subtly and often unconsciously or unintentionally expresses a prejudiced attitude toward a member of a marginalized group (such as a racial minority).

My authentic self sometimes shows
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An estimated 35,000 youth in Wisconsin identify as belonging to the LGBTQ population. Given that this statistic comes from self-reported data, it is likely the number is even higher, as not everyone may feel ready or comfortable identifying themselves as such.

While courts are becoming more open to expert testimony regarding LGBTQ issues, a knowledge gap exists among legal practitioners and judges that requires closing. In particular, understanding the needs of transgender, nonbinary, and intersex youth may be challenging
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On January 12, 2022, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) announced the launch of a new initiative, Hiring Initiative to Reimagine Equity (HIRE), to reimagine hiring practices to advance equal employment opportunity. The goal of this initiative is to identify innovative and evidence-based practices that will help workers from underrepresented communities gain access to good jobs and help employers utilize their talent across America’s workforce.
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