The Mexican government has consulates all over the United States.

These centers are present in order to help Mexican citizens living abroad in the United States or non-Mexican citizens that need to obtain paperwork, documentation, or conduct limited business with the Mexican government.

These Mexican consulates serve as a connection to Mexico. Some of the services that Mexican citizens can obtain at these centers are passports and birth certificates for those born in Mexico. Non-Mexican citizens can apply for and obtain information regarding becoming a citizen of Mexico, among many other services.

These centers also provide information for Mexican citizens. This information ranges from legal information to information about public matters, like COVID-19.

Consultant Attorney

On April 19, 2022, I was awarded the title of
consultant attorney for the Mexican Consulate in Milwaukee.

This title represents a partnership and mutual endeavor to help and provide legal information, and sometimes representation, to Mexican citizens living in Wisconsin.

In this partnership, as a consultant attorney, I provide information to consular staff regarding workers’ compensation and personal injury law. I also provide that information to the Mexican population in Wisconsin by conducting live presentations in partnership with the consulate. These presentations are shared and live streamed on the consulate’s social media platforms to spread awareness regarding individual’s legal rights in the areas of workers’ compensation and personal injury.

These presentations are created to inform individuals of their rights in my areas of practice, with an eye toward covering matters that specifically affect the population served by the consulate.

Because the population the Mexican consulate serves hold differing types of immigration statuses in the United States, it is important to keep in mind when offering legal support the concerns, fears, and anxieties that someone may have because of their immigration status. Therefore, in my role, I make sure to touch on the differences in options, damages, and other considerations that may be available or not available depending on their immigration status.

A Privilege and a Dream

As a citizen of Mexico, I am thankful to be able to serve my fellow Mexican citizens by using the knowledge I have gained and continue to gain in my profession. It is a privilege and dream come true to be able to serve my community in this way, especially since it wasn’t too long ago that I used the resources at the Mexican consulate myself.

I have always looked for ways to be able to serve my entire community, but the Latinx community definitely has a special place in my heart. As a personal injury and workers’ compensation attorney it is also great to be able to more actively feel connected to the amazing work those in the
International Practice Board do and have done.

The way I got connected to the consultant attorney position was by pure chance. Prior to joining my current law firm, I worked, as part of my job with my previous firm, with the consulate on ensuring that we were serving the Mexican community in Milwaukee.

Because of this extensive work with the consulate, I started to build a connection with the Mexican community in Milwaukee. After I left that position and moved to
Hawks Quindel, S.C. in Madison, I continued to keep that relationship going, and on April 19, 2022, it became an official partnership. A partnership I was able to celebrate with Melissa Soberalski of Soberalski Immigration Law and one of my mentors – Aaron Halstead from Hawks Quindel, S.C.

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