As I am sure many of you have heard, back in December the Federal government agreed to set aside $25 Billion dollars for Rent Assistance as a result of Covid.  Of that large amount, Wisconsin was allocated a total of $386,777,591.50 to be divvied up as follows:

1. Brown County – $7,907,949.30

2. Dane County – $8,579, 734.30

3. City of Madison – $7,762,609.60

4. Milwaukee County – $10,629,017.80 — (to be distributed by Community Advocates)

5. City of Milwaukee – $17,641,552.70 — (to be distributed by the Social Development Commission (SDC))

6. Waukesha County – $12,082,683.60 —  (to be distributed by Community Advocates)

7. State of Wisconsin – $322,174,044.20

Both tenants and landlords have been waiting for months for this money to arrive and it is FINALLY here.

One of the nice thing about the Wisconsin Emergency Rental Assistance Housing Payments (often referred to as ERAP or WERAP) is that the Landlord is allowed to complete the application on behalf of the Tenant.  This was a very important change in case you have a Tenant that is qualified to receive the money but has refused in the past to apply for the emergency rent payments. 

Landlords can begin applying through Community Advocates on behalf of their tenants for both Milwaukee County and Waukesha County now.

It appears that there is still some logistics for the City of Milwaukee and the SDC to work out so they are not yet taking applications.

If your rentals are located outside of the city and counties of Milwaukee or Waukesha you will want to take a look at the WISCAP WERA website for more information and assistance.