And WHY you may want to consider it

It may not apply to every situation, but a joint petition for divorce or legal separation is a good way to file if you and your spouse agree that the marriage is broken. In filing a joint petition it puts both spouses on an equal playing field. Each of you will know what the petition says and you will each have a hand in completing it and filing it. The process of divorce and legal separation is often met with suspicion and confusion. In filing a joint petition, you can eliminate the mystery and create certainty. You will know when it is filed and you will each will contribute to the costs to have it filed. In using a joint petition you can also avoid the need to have the other spouse “served” with the divorce or legal separation filing. You do not need to serve the other spouse because both spouses filed together and each will know what the joint petition contained.

So how do you filing jointly? Here is a link to the form for the joint petition if you have minor children


. Here is a link to the form for the joint petition without minor children



Spouses work together to gather the information necessary for the petition and they work together to complete it. Both spouses need to sign the petition. Once you have it completed and signed it needs to be filed in the County where you reside. Depending on your circumstance, you may need to include a Petition for Temporary Order, Financial Disclosure Statements, and locally-required documents, such as orders for parenting classes and scheduling orders.

Lots of people ask, what do we need to file? Here is a basic list of what you will need:

  1. Full names

  2. Dates of birth

  3. Social security numbers

  4. Current addresses and if children involved you may need past addresses

  5. Date of Marriage

  6. Location of Marriage

  7. Information on any previous actions concerning the spouses for divorce, annulment or legal separation

  8. Information on any prior marriages

  9. If children involved, information on any present or past child custody or placement proceedings

  10. Any prenuptial or postnuptial or written agreements of the parties

 Attorney Kyle Kaufman and Attorney Ryan Kautzer specialize in divorce and legal separation actions. They can help you file a joint petition for divorce or legal separation.