In family law actions involving children you will probably be required to complete and file a Financial Disclosure Statement. Very basically, a Financial Disclosure Statement is an accounting of all your income, assets, debts and expenses. It is designed to put the other party to the action and the Court on notice of your current financial status.

Here is a link to the form so you can see what it looks like.

I am surprised at how careless people are about their finances. One of our goals at our law firm is to help you become interested in your finances. We want you to have a financially viable lifestyle. In our minds, that starts with you. Quite frankly, you have to care more about your money than we do.

When you work with us we will take a deep dive into your finances. The benefit is that you will learn more about your money habits and what you will need to provide for your children and your lifestyle. 

It is important to be detailed and thorough. This builds credibility in the case. The Judge and the other party will have less suspicion and doubt about your money if you provide clear and concise information.  

We help to prepare an accurate financial statement by gathering all the facts and documents you need. We will assist you in computing your income and deductions. We will help to determine your monthly expenses and debts.  

Typically, the preparation of a financial statement is overwhelming, especially when parents are living through an emotional time and trying to parent, work and care for themself. So, that is where we see our role. To help you.

This is all important to the overall goal of achieving a positive outcome in your case and to your life. We want the courts to make orders that are fair and the only way to do that is to give the court accurate and complete financial information.  

The attorneys at Hawley, Kaufman & Kautzer, S.C. can help you.