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Author: Tim Granitz, Managing Partner at Mahany Law
Whistleblowers alerting the government to alleged fraudulent conduct by the Ohio-based drug distributor, Cardinal Health, Inc., have been awarded $2.6 million for their role in a lawsuit based on alleged fraudulent dealings by the company.
In January, the Department of Justice announced a $13.125 million settlement with Cardinal Health, a wholesale pharmaceutical distribution company based in Dublin, Ohio. The lawsuit, filed in Boston, Massachusetts, recoups taxpayer dollars illegally diverted to the
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Author: Tim Granitz, Managing Partner at Mahany Law
Two former employees of New York and New Jersey pain management practices owned by Amit Poonia, MD were awarded nearly one million dollars after alerting the government to improper billing practices amounting to serious violations of the False Claims Act (FCA) and other federal laws. Last month, the Department of Justice announced a $7.4 million settlement in a 2018 case brought by Anu Doddapaneni and Christian Reyes on behalf of the
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The Most Active Firms In Public False Claims Cases
by Daniel Wilson, Law360


Whistleblower law specialist Phillips & Cohen LLP fielded the most false claims cases of any plaintiffs firm over the past five years, while Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP was defendants’ most frequent choice, according to a new report.
Of 2,429 publicly visible false claims cases filed in federal court between 2016 and 2020, Phillips & Cohen represented whistleblowers in 38 of those cases, according
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Five men are behind bars after being convicted of blatant fraud against taxpayers and the United States. According to court records, the men concocted a scheme to relabel Chinese-made goods as made in America and sell them to Uncle Sam. But that wasn’t enough. One of the men falsely claimed that he was a service-disabled veteran in order to obtain special set aside contracts. Their greed is still not satisfied. They also failed to pay taxes and duties.
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The whistleblower team at Mahany Law has long been at the forefront of fighting greed and corporate corruption. That includes representing whistleblowers with inside knowledge of fraud by defense contractors. The U.S. government spends billions of dollars per year on our defense. Money that comes from taxpayers, you, and me.
Some experts estimate that level of fraud in defense department contracts exceeds 10 percent. When you factor in waste, the problem becomes worse. According to Taxpayers Against Fraud, the
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Treatment of vascular diseases with angiography
Patients Harmed Because of Defective Catheters Made by Cordis Corporation May be Entitled to Substantial Damages.
The FDA has announced a recall of Cordis SUPER TORQUE MB Angiographic Catheter with Radiopaque Marker Bands due to the potential for the marker bands to move or dislodge during procedures. The agency says it has received reports of 167 complaints (mostly from doctors). Eight injuries have been reported but many doctors don’t report adverse events to
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FDA, Prosecutors Cracking Down on Pharmaceutical Companies and Labs that Use False Clinical Trial Data
There is probably not a person alive in the United States today that doesn’t know how quickly the pharmaceutical industry moved to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. When President Trump and Dr. Fauci announced that a vaccine could be developed and approved within a year, many were skeptical. It had never been done.
By early 2021, nursing home patients and healthcare workers were rolling up
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That’s not a misprint. A whistleblower is about to receive $28 million for blowing the whistle on healthcare fraud. Even crazier, the whistleblower was only with the company that broke the law for a few short months.
The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Nashville, Tennessee says a call center employee will receive over $28 million for blowing the whistle on a mail order diabetic testing supply scheme. State and federal prosecutors say Arriva Medical violated the False Claims Act
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Spoofing Whistleblowers Eligible for Millions in SEC and CFTC Cash Rewards
Recently there has been an uptick of traders being accused of spoofing. Today, two former Merrill Lynch traders were convicted of criminal spoofing charges in a Chicago federal court.
Spoofing involves rapidly sending many deceptive orders that can mislead traders into thinking supply and demand have changed. This mirage of phantom trades can move prices in a direction desired by the spoofer, while causing their counterparties to lose
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Recently, we have uncovered several loan servicers and mortgage companies that have violated federal laws on COVID-19 related mortgage forbearances. Last year, Congress gave homeowners important new rights. Under the federal CARES Act, most homeowners are entitled to a forbearance on their mortgage of between 6 months and a year. During that time, lenders can’t charge any fees.

We are now aware of several lenders and mortgage companies that are violating the law. Our investigation is focused on three
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CMBS Loan Maturities and COVID-19Last year was a rough year for many CMBS borrowers, particularly those owning hotels, retail space (shopping centers) and office buildings. In a matter of a few short weeks our nation went into lockdown. Even in red states where many businesses were allowed to stay open, people stopped traveling. Vacationers disappeared. Restaurants closed and America…
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Less than one day after the collapse of the Champlain Towers South condominiums in Surfside, Florida, the first lawsuit was filed. Two days after the tragic collapse, at least one law firm launched a “Florida Building Collapse” website. While we have our own thoughts about these efforts, our focus has been on early detection and prevention of these tragedies. We have been studying and writing about construction defects involving shoddy steel and concrete for years.

Despite the apparent rush
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Stop the Fraud! Mortgage Servicers and Lending May Be Ripping Off Homeowners (Again) – CARES Act COVID 19 Mortgage Forbearance Ripoff Investigation
Important Information for Veterans and Other Homeowners Seeking Hardship Forbearance
The mortgage fraud lawyers at Mahany Law are investigating reports that Dovenmuhele Mortgage and Royal Pacific Funding have been illegally charging veterans hundreds of dollars for appraisals. Under the federal CARES Act, veterans seeking a COVID 19 mortgage forbearance shouldn’t be charged fees for appraisals.
According to
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New Reward Opportunities for Bank Money Laundering Whistleblowers
The Justice Department announced that Swiss bank, Julius Baer & Co admitted in court that it conspired to launder $36 million in bribes to soccer officials with the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). As part of the court proceedings, Julius Baer entered into a three year deferred prosecution agreement. The bank had been charged with criminal conspiracy to commit money laundering
As part of the plea deal, the bank has
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Do You Have Information about HUBZone Fraud (or any Small Business or Minority Owned Business Designation Fraud)? You May Be Entitled to a Large Cash Reward
A private contractor doing work on a multibillion Department of Energy product has agreed to pay $3 million to resolve claims that it falsely presented two subcontractors as HUBZone small businesses. The claims also involved falsely designating a subcontractor as a woman owned small business.
The case was brought by a whistleblower who
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There Are Thousands of Unapproved Stem Cell Clinics in the U.S. At Best, You Are Throwing Away Your Money, at Worst, Your Life
An investigation by the Arizona Republic found 238 unlicensed stem cell clinics. That is just in Arizona! If you extrapolate that figure it suggests there are 10,731 unlicensed clinics nationwide!
How is this possible?
There are many reasons. The stem cell business is still the wild, wild west. The FDA has jurisdiction but simply doesn’t have
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