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Last week, Attorney Krekeler gave a presentation along with Lori Kannenberg Dorn of Stafford Rosenbaum LLP, Jeff Krause of Affinity Consulting Group, and Gia Pionek of Pionek Valle Law Group about Lessons Learned from the Pandemic. Here’s his recap of it:
“For the second year in a row, the State Bar of Wisconsin Solo and Small Firm Conference featured a presentation on lessons we have learned from the pandemic.

A year ago, we had no idea we
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CEO Katja Kunzke and a distinguished group of policyholders and partners discuss making connections in this video version of the 2020 Annual Report from Wisconsin Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company.

Take an inside look at WILMIC’s mission, purpose and policyholder commitment by clicking on the video below.

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I’ve got a new blog post up on the State Bar of Wisconsin Nonresident Lawyers Division – NRLD blog. It’s something I wrote for fun, not about legal marketing, but I wanted to share it with you anyway. I often talk to my clients about finding ways to amplify their voice by leveraging their network. This sort of post is what I’m talking about.
It was worth my time to write this post not just because it was
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Get Your Credits Without Leaving Your Home or Office!Practicing Law In the COVID EraHow the Pandemic Has Changed Family Law and Estate Planning Practices, andWhat New Risks May Be Lurking As a ResultProgram is free to WILMIC policyholders


Atty. Gregg Herman, Loeb & Herman, S.C.

Atty. Bill Williams, Bell Moore & Richter SC

Atty. Brian Anderson, WILMIC

Atty. Matt Beier, WILMIC


Family LawGregg Herman, Matt Beier and Brian Anderson

  • Issues of family law affected by COVID

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On July 20, I am joining forces with Amanda Sexton from FocusWorks Marketing for a workshop on social media for lawyers. The event is being hosted by the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Institute for Continuing Legal Education. Attendees will walk away from this seminar with a social media action plan they can implement right away. We will also address the following topics:

  • Choosing platforms that make sense for your business;
  • Figuring out what to post;
  • Hashtags, hyperlinks,

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It’s summer, and almost everyone is looking ahead to what we hope will be something that resembles what we remember as “normal,” such as getting back into the office and eventually gathering in person to see each other again. The pandemic isn’t over, of course. Meanwhile, what is the aftermath of the past year and what have the effects been on your practice, your clients, and your own personal health and well-being?

It’s okay to feel stress and anxiety,
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The cloud-based program has also now expanded to provide operational accounting for law firms.TrustBooks was created in 2015.  It is a cloud-based program that not only makes trust accounting easier for lawyers, and is geared toward legal accounting, it has also now expanded to provide operational accounting for law firms.  This is the only trust accounting software we have seen that is geared specifically to legal trust accounting.The website for the program can be found at BoyleWe
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Lawyers tend to be mobile, often working in several different capacities after they graduate from law school. It is not uncommon for a lawyer to start out working in private practice, then work in-house for a company, move into the fields of academia or government, only to finish their career back in private practice. The fact that there are so many different ways to utilize a law degree is one of the reasons that people decide to go to
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By Jay Reeves
Here’s a modest proposal: every law school should start teaching a course in lifting and moving heavy objects.
The class could be taught by adjunct faculty from U-Haul, Mayflower and All My Sons. Hand trucks and work gloves would replace laptops and textbooks. Students who shine would make Lug Review.
Our profession collectively – and our Law Lives individually – would be better off as a result.
Unfortunately, although I attended the finest law school in
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In a couple of weeks I will be packing up my office and making the move from New Jersey to Tennessee. This does not mean that Kelchen Consulting will be closing up shop. Blog posts, social media content, white papers, and websites can all be created remotely, as I have proven over the past few years. If you need help raising your online profile, and getting your voice heard, I am ready to help you. Please contact me to schedule
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After more than a year of working from home with limited face-to-face contact, WILMIC’s office will reopen on Thursday, July 1.
We would like to thank our staff and policyholders for helping us continue full business operations without interruption during the pandemic. While working mainly from home, our employees had access to almost all business functions, and will now return to the office to continue to serve our policyholders. They can be reached by either phone or e-mail from
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WILMIC has introduced another service for policyholders this year.  It’s the one-hour, “Free-CLE Fridays With WILMIC” series that kicks off on April 16 at 12:00 Noon.  Free to policyholders, you can get your credits without leaving your home or office!  The programs are being offered virtually.  Just look for the program emails – one click will take you to the registration page.
The first program on April 16 is titled, “The Technology Age – Cybersecurity Essentials for Law Firms.” 
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Over $10 Million in Dividends Has Been Paid Out Since 1999
For the 23rd consecutive year, WILMIC will be sending out dividend checks to policyholders.
The Board of Directors declared the dividend at its recent spring meeting after reviewing the company’s 2020 financial results.  Cash dividends equal to five percent of annual premiums will be sent to law firms currently insured by Wisconsin Lawyers Mutual.
Katja Kunzke, WILMIC President and Chief Executive Officer, says, “Cash dividends are a mutual
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Philadelphia is an amazing city to visit. There are lots of important historic sites to tour, museums to explore, and plenty of great restaurants to try. But if you want to get off the beaten path and explore a quirky legal attraction, head to the Mütter Museum.Getting to the 40 lb. ColonHidden deep in the depths of this medical collection owned by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia are kidney stones pulled from the body of Chief Justice
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I spent a recent evening rewatching one of my favorite movies, Apollo 13. As someone who grew up wanting to be an astronaut, I am usually sucked into the story, holding my breath as the drama unfolds. This time, however, I was captivated not by the crew, but by the team on the ground.
When things are falling apart, and nobody really knows if the crew can be saved, lead flight director Gene Kranz urges everyone to be calm,
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Young lawyers have a strong desire to give back. We are quick to donate to charitable causes, and many of us take on pro bono cases. But over the years there has been a steady decline in the number of attorneys, and in particular young attorneys, serving on local boards and as government officials. The nature of modern practice is often blamed for driving this trend, but it is also true that finding and securing these positions is not
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