Fair Dealership Law

Attorneys Erin Deeley, Matthew Fisher, and Isaac Brodkey will present “Wisconsin’s Fair Dealership Law: 50 Years and Counting 2024” to an audience registered through the State Bar of Wisconsin. The presentation will give an overview, key developments since 1974, the current landscape of WFDL decisions and developments, and open WFDL issues that could be addressed in the future. Attendees will also learn about:

  • The purposes of the WFDL
  • What qualifies as a dealership?
  • What qualifies as a

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As explained in an earlier post, the existence of a “contract or agreement, either expressed or implied, whether oral or written” is necessary for a relationship to be protected by the Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law. In most business relationships, a written, expressed contract serves as the foundation for the parties’ dealings, setting forth the parties’ respective rights and responsibilities. Reflecting Wisconsin’s longstanding commitment to the freedom of contract, more often than not, Wisconsin courts will hold commercial parties
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Good cause is the core protection provided by the Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law. In a dealership relationship covered by the WFDL (see our previous blog post that defines a dealership as it pertains to the Wisconsin Fair Dealership Law), the grantor cannot terminate, fail to renew, cancel, or substantially change the competitive circumstances of the relationship without “good cause” (as well as proper notice and an opportunity to cure, which we’ll address in a future post). There are
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