One of the biggest challenges a compliance officer faces is establishing a strong commitment to creating a culture of compliance and obtaining recognition–there needs to be a compliance “tone from the top” of an organization.  There are numerous potential challenges to getting buy-in for this concept.  This can create frustration for compliance officers aware of the concept of compliance program effectiveness and the importance of a compliance culture beginning at the top of the organization.  A common potential challenge
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As we discussed in recent Legal Updates, because environmental sustainability is now viewed as an essential component of the overall operation of most companies, and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives are gaining in popularity, the value of conducting periodic environmental compliance audits and establishing an environmental management program is essential for companies that desire to be viewed as leaders in environmental compliance. We also discussed environmental regulatory agency programs (“Enviro-Check” and “Green Tier”) that
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The rise in COVID-19 vaccinations and the slowing of new cases in the U.S. offer hope that a sense of pre-pandemic normalcy may be on the horizon, but the way we live our lives will never be quite the same. While one’s personal wellbeing and productivity may be best-served by embracing the “new normal” as it emerges, health care providers can ill afford to operate under a wait-and-see strategy given the complex and ever-changing health care regulatory environment. Despite
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