three people throwing their arms up in the air

New lawyer Hannah Fontaine (center) celebrates with her parents immediately after she became a Wisconsin lawyer. See more photos of the event on the State Bar of Wisconsin Facebook page for the noon and 2:30 p.m.​ ceremonies.

June 3, 2024 – They are new attorneys ready to start their careers – 200 recent graduates of the U.W. Law School, now sworn in as new Wisconsin lawyers.

Welcomed in two separate ceremonies by Chief Justice Annette Kingsland Ziegler and members of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, 200 U.W. Law School graduates took the Attorney’s Oath and signed the Attorney’s Roll book, becoming new lawyers on May 29, 2024.

“Today is one of those turning moments in life,” said Justice Brian Hagedorn, who spoke during the ceremony, “and is a time of celebration and reflection.”

Your accomplishments are worth celebrating, he said to the soon-to-be new lawyers. But it is also useful to imagine looking back on your career after 50 years. “What do you want to see?”

“It’s not what you know or even who you know that matters, but what you are,” Justice Hagedorn said.

“Be patient with yourself,” Chief Justice Ziegler said. Getting settled into your practice takes a while. “It doesn’t happen overnight. But if you have perseverance and truly love the law, you will do well.”

a photo of the Assembly Chamber showing people in seats on the floor and at the head of the room

The admissions ceremony was held before members of the Wisconsin Supreme Court in the Assembly Chamber in the State Capitol building.

These are Some of Wisconsin’s Newest Lawyers

Kennedy Allison’s movant was Madison attorney and soon-to-be American Bar Association President Michelle Behnke, who spoke of the long line of lawyers in their family. “Education is just so important, and seeing Kennedy complete her degree is really exciting,” Behnke said.

This day, Kennedy said, “it means a lot to be able to stand here. It also is the end of my schooling and the beginning of my career, and the ability to start exploring my passion for the law in my own direction.”

Kennedy joins her brother Damon Etawlyah at the Madison firm Small Axe Cooperative, doing a variety of law. “I’m hoping to start our Native American law practice,” she said.

many seated people turn to look at a person at a microphone

Kennedy Allison (standing left) is moved in by Madison attorney Michelle Behnke (standing at microphone), former State Bar president and incoming ABA president.

Thomas Alexander Dee represents the fifth generation of lawyers in his family. He was moved in by his father, Judge Thomas Christopher Dee of Milwaukee County Circuit Court.

Caitlin Hunt isn’t done studying yet. She will be taking the Pennsylvania bar exam in July and is headed there to work in the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. That she can now practice law, after years of study and effort, is “weird” but “exciting,” she said.

a person bends over a book, writing in it, as another takes a photo

Caitlin Hunt signs the Attorney’s Roll book in the Supreme Court Hearing Room.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office is also where
Edward Dance is headed. This moment of becoming an attorney feels “wild,” he said. “As an attorney, I will take the oath very seriously,” he said. Edward is eager to take his first steps in “accomplishing my goal of serving the community and the people. I’m very excited about what the future holds.”

After years of effort, the great payoff of this day is seeing both herself and her friends finally becoming lawyers, said
Toni Houston, who was president of the U.W. Black Law Students Association. It was one “eye-opening” class during her undergraduate years – criminal justice – that turned her on the path of law. “I felt like this is something I have to do,” she said.

Her parents, Thomas and Patti Houston, both attended U.W.-Madison, and now Toni is a “double Badger.” “We are so proud,” said Patti. She knew her daughter had “that fight” in her to become a lawyer. Toni is from Georgia, and wants to work in a big city. She is headed to Chicago and the Cook County Public Defender’s Office – after she passes the Illinois bar exam.

two people point to a name on the name wall as another takes a photo

With family members, Michael Williams (center) points to his name on the State Bar’s name wall after becoming a Wisconsin lawyer.

The act of signing the Attorney’s Roll book and taking the oath is a big moment, the culmination of a lot of work, said
Michael Williams. He said he will “really live up to” the oath he just took. He decided on law after meeting with attorneys while he was in college, including U.W. Law Professor Richard Monette. “They inspired me to want to learn more and keep pursuing it.”

As a member of the Oneida Nation, Michael is headed to work as a codification attorney with a group in Washington, D.C. – working remotely from his home in Wisconsin. “I’ll work online with tribal nations and governments across the United States.”

several people stand with hands raised to take an oath

U.W. Law School graduates take the Attorney’s Oath in the Assembly Chamber at the State Capitol in Madison on May 29, 2024.

Welcome to These New Wisconsin Lawyers

John Adam

Jacquelyn K. Adamicki

Mohammad Ahmad

Talal Alkurdi

Kennedy Allison

Elliot Ambort

Esthefany M. Archila

Mackenzie Bailey

Aubrie Nicole Bailie

Thomas Baraldi

Firuze Barimani

Nicholas J. Bartschat

Alex Jeffrey Becker

McKenna Becker

Montana McClelland Beeson

John Best

Jessica Biggott

Rebecca R. Bisone

Caitlin A. Blaine

Julian Blecking

Morgan Bloch

Phillip Thomas Boldt

Alexandria Lavonne Brown

Lily Broyles

Jared R. Bruttig

Omar Andre Cancio

Alexander Castro

James Cimermancic

George Carlo Clark

Thomas J. Clark

Abigail Clemons

Michael Conlin-Brandenburg

Alayna M. Connolly

Gita Connolly

Cesar O. Contreras

Ambar Cornelio

Jeffrey J. Crall

Collin Crosswhite

Maciej Czerlonko

Lydia Dal Nogare

Edward J. Dance

Thomas Alexander Dee

Emilie Dozer

Claudia R. Drace

Sean M. Dugan

Anna Catherine Eager

Nathaniel Edwards

Christopher A. Fabrizio

Lauren Felder

Hunter Nathaniel Fite

Hannah Fontaine

William Bryan Fox

Alexander J. Friedrich

Samuel Fritz

W. Cahler Fruchtman

Armando Garcia, Jr.

Jacob R. Gardner

Natalie Gastevich

Nicholas George

Taylor Gilbertson

Aimee Gilson

Stephen Goettsche

Clayton J. Goetz

Lucas Graveley

Matthew Gullickson

Claire C. Hahn

Emma Hahn


Shane Hardy

Ben Harpe

Taylor A. Hatridge

Amber M. Heidenreich

Natalia Hernandez

Rita Hirami

Katrina Hochholzer

Adam Hoefs

Kayla Holmes

Richard Hong

Toni Houston

Caitlin Ann Hunt

Anthony Isaac

Tenzin Jashar

Rachael Johnson

Fara Kaner

Alex Kaplan

Kendall Karon

Madison S. Kelly

Shannon A. Kennedy

Jodi Anne Klagos

Kole Kobel

Madeline E. Koengeter

Dongkyun Koh

Cooper T. Kohlman

Nicholas Kram Mendelsohn

William Garhardt Krentz

Greg Krueger

Sarah Kuelbs

Teresa Kulick

Braden Kundert

Frances Adelle LaBudda

Jackson Larson

Kevin Lee

Anika Lillegard-Bouton

Simin Ma

Austin Anthony Maingot

Anna Malcolm

Danial Manzoor

Lin Mao

Matthew Parker Marcin

Valeria Martinez

Zechariah McGugan

Elizabeth McIntire

Mary Kathryn McKillop

Charlotte Meltzer

Adam Meyer

Carter Mickelson

Patrick Miller

Kyle N. Minden

Lillian E. Miossi

Pierce Mobley

Aisha Moe Lindvall

Tomas Molina

Lily Muelrath

Blair Murphy-Pociask

Mersadie Murray

Sofia Nikolic

Akouvi Evans

Mallory Nordin

Christian Thor Oehrlein

Danielle Orie

Katelyn Ottman

Kathleen R. Parker

Trevor Passmore

Milan Pavlic


Richardson Paye, Jr.

Caroline Pellegrini

Rosario D. Perez-Guerra

Karen Perez-Wilson

Anna Pesola

Veronica Peterson

Matthew Primozic

Lily Puent

Ami Punatar

Andrew Patrick Quay

James T. Radwill

Craig Rapp

Jules Redlinger

Kasey F. Reese

Rosemary Reniero

Avery Renk

Hayley Rich

Nelson Ritthaler

Cherie Rivas

Sarah Ross

James A. Ryan

Evan Sadlon

Clai Schlichting

Joseph D. Schuh

Anne Schwab

Matthew S. Schwemmer

James Scott Segee-Wright

Zachary Shapiro

Matthew Shulman

Isaiah Simon

Andrew Sironko

Claire Sophia Skivington

James Riley Slattery

James Soo

Timothy Spurlin

Ari B. Sternberg

Natalee Vanessa Stevens

McKailah Strang

Gabrielle Struik

Nicholas J. Surprise

Morgan H. Sweeney

Ellie Szczupakiewicz

Bennett Thering

Miranda Tichareva

Samuel Tooley

Joshua Mitchell Topel

David Treis

Thomas A. Tretheway

James M. Twieg

Julia Ann Valgento

Olivia Vande Hei

Sarah Verzal

Berenice Villalobos

Cristina Villalovas

Alexandria Virginski

Jim Wagner

Derek J. Wedige

Michael Williams

Edwin A. Willig

Alex Witz

Elizabeth Wojtowicz

Ethan J. Woyak

Alexander Wahim Yee

Laura L. Yurs

John Andrew Zordani

Jalen D. Zubich

Savannah Hope Zuzick