Mark R. Hamilton, Jr. is an attorney that serves in Meissner Tierney’s transactional practice group. Mark advises clients in a variety of legal areas ranging from mergers and acquisitions, business corporate transactions, intellectual property, securities law, and sports or esports.

Where are you from?
Dallas, Texas

What was your first job?
Outside of summer internships at a local law firm in Garland, Texas, my first job really started when I streamed video games full-time as a content creator during and after school. Although I did not pursue streaming as a career, I was able to explore my creative interests and love for speaking/interacting with people. Not to mention, I highly enjoyed competing in tournaments.

Do you have any hobbies?
To this day, my favorite hobbies center around gaming, sports, and food. If I can find an excuse to try new food or enjoy a game (no matter the sport), I jump at the opportunity. Growing up, I always found myself pretending to be my favorite athlete, and while I never quite made it as an athlete overall, I am happy that I still get to enjoy the activity with the people I love.

What is something on your bucket list?
For as long as I can remember, my bucket list has included traveling to two specific places: Greece and Japan. A mixture of history, beauty, and culture makes each of these locations seem like an amazing place to be and witness.

Why did you become an attorney?
I suppose I have my mother and father to thank for this one. Both of them pushed me to try debate in high school. I was apprehensive at first, but then quickly grew to love it. Debate felt like a sport to me and gave me the opportunity not only to practice my speaking and writing but also to facilitate a way for me to be competitive.

Why did you choose your areas of practice?
Given my background in sports, esports, and communications, I naturally fell into my practice areas. When I decided to pursue law school, I focused on building upon what I learned throughout my undergraduate education. In turn, this has led me to work not only in the areas of sports and entertainment but also in the surrounding legal areas that heavily impact the industry, such as intellectual property.

What does a typical workday look like for you?
All in all, each day consists of not just communicating but also problem-solving. My favorite aspect of being an attorney is the collaboration piece. Working with your colleagues and listening to your clients allows a distinct ability to foster a beneficial outcome and experience for all involved.

What is your biggest achievement, professional or personal?
My biggest achievement feels as if it has yet to arrive. I was always taught growing up that you can continue to learn, grow, and achieve more by simply putting forth effort. So, I continue to strive for more and more. However, it would be crazy for me to not mention that no achievement could be possible without my support system, my family.

What activities do you participate in outside of the firm (professional)?
I am a member of the Milwaukee Bar Association and the American Bar Association. Additionally, I am a member of the Sports Law Alumni Association through the National Sports Law Institute. I always try to volunteer or take part in any way I can.

What is your favorite thing about MTFN?
While I mentioned this earlier, my favorite thing about MTFN, by far, is the ability to collaborate with colleagues. At MTFN, we are able to obtain the best possible results for our clients by working together and understanding the strengths of everyone at the firm. At the end of the day, if there is a question I or anyone does not know the answer to, we all can turn to each other for guidance.

What has been the most impactful advice you have received about practicing law?
Be kind and listen well. I feel as if these tools not only impact the ability to practice law but also play a key role in day-to-day life. I always try my very hardest to be kind to any person I speak with and listen to what they have to say.


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