Truck accidents are among some of the most dangerous motor vehicle accidents. While commercial trucks are also invaluable to American infrastructure, passenger vehicles must understand the dangers of sharing the road with trucks.

One danger is the risk of cargo spilling into the road.

The hazards of sharing the road with commercial trucks

Large trucks account for approximately 9% of fatal crashes. Given their size, they pose a unique danger to other vehicles on the road, which is precisely why there are federal regulations to help alleviate some of the risks involved with commercial trucks. Among the various hazards they pose, one of the most overlooked is the risk of cargo spills. When traveling at high speeds, if another vehicle collides with the truck, it can result in dislodged cargo or ruptured tanks.

Unstable cargo as an accident risk

One risk factor contributing to cargo truck spills is unstable or improperly secured loads. As trucks navigate highways and other roadways, any imbalance can result in the cargo spilling. Unfortunately, when cargo spills, it becomes an automatic hazard. Trucks can carry liquids, solids, gases, and chemicals that may cause environmental risks and risks to other vehicles on the road.

Lack of enforcement and regulation

There are inconsistent standards when it comes to cargo transport. When you have varying standards in any industry, it creates an environment of oversight. Trucking companies may attempt to cut corners and costs by not prioritizing safety protocols. Stronger regulations may be able to curb the frequency of cargo truck spills.

Passenger vehicles often do not have enough time to stop for hazards in the roadway. Different materials can cause the roads to become slippery and dangerous, while others may pose a threat of combustion.  If you are in an accident involving a commercial truck, seek the advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer that specializes in commercial trucking accidents without delay.