Milwaukee Criminal DefenseThe rapid growth of online shopping has unfortunately led to an increase in package theft. Boxes left outside of people’s homes can prove tempting to potential thieves, especially during the holiday season when people may be purchasing expensive gifts. A person who is accused of stealing packages may face criminal charges for theft or other offenses, and if they are convicted, significant penalties may be imposed. By understanding the laws that address package theft in Wisconsin and the options for defending against criminal charges, a person who is charged with these offenses can take steps to defend themselves. During this process, representation from an experienced attorney is crucial.

An Overview of Wisconsin Laws Relating to Package Theft

In general, any form of theft—including stealing packages—is against the law. The specific laws and potential penalties depend on multiple factors such as the value or contents of the stolen item(s), whether force or deception was used during the crime, whether a person is accused of stealing mail delivered to others, and a person’s prior criminal record.