Thanksgiving and the holiday season hold a special meaning to us, and whether you celebrate these occasions or not, we want to extend our gratitude and thanks to you and your family for your dedication, contributions, and personal sacrifices you make toward the profession and the clients you serve. In particular, we want to thank:
  • The Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices and our judges around the state for the crucial role they play in upholding our legal system. They are essential to maintaining the rule of law.
  • The lawyers on the front lines, advocating for justice. They work tirelessly to represent their clients, ensuring their rights are protected and the law is upheld.
  • The paralegals, legal educators, legal aid providers, and mediators. Each plays a unique role in maintaining justice in the state.
  • State Bar staff for providing essential support to the courts, our members, and the public, facilitating the effective functioning of the legal system.

Collectively, we all work to maintain fairness, equity, and justice in Wisconsin. We are sincerely grateful for all your contributions.