Pamela J. Tillman is a shareholder in Meissner Tierney’s litigation practice group. Her practice focuses on representing a wide variety of businesses in litigation matters, primarily in the areas of complex insurance coverage issues, commercial litigation, mortgage lending disputes, employment disputes and health care liability.

Where are you from? 
I grew up on a dairy farm in Hartland, Wisconsin. My grandparents started the farm in the 1930s and my dad was raised on the farm and took it over from them after he finished college in Madison.

What was your first job?
I had some chores feeding the baby calves, but outside of the farm, my first job was a receptionist at a hair salon.

Do you have any hobbies? 
I love going on long bike rides with my family.  We love the interurban bike trails.  I also like to hike, read, and play word or number games like Wordle and Soduku.

What is something on your bucket list? 
Do a long bike riding trip through Moab, Utah National Park.

Why did you become an attorney?
I really enjoy helping people and figuring out ways to solve complex problems.

What does a typical workday look like for you? 
There is no typical workday here.  That’s what I love about practicing law – it is hard to get bored because, in a litigation practice, there are always things coming up and fire to put out.

Why did you choose your areas of practice? 
I love litigating and writing.  There is nothing like arguing your position to a judge and explaining why your side should win. You won’t always win, but it helps you see how you and can improve and make changes for the next time.

What is your biggest achievement, professional or personal?  
Being a mom to 2 amazing boys, Wyatt (12) and Sammy (15).  Being a working mom is tough, but so worth the long hours.

What activities do you participate in outside of the firm (professional)? 
I am a mentor for the Charles Clevert Jr. Mentoring Programs in which attorneys are paired up with high school kids from the City of Milwaukee and we mentor and build relationships with them.  We also help them apply for the summer internship program and keep in contact with them outside of the program.  Not all kids are necessarily interested in law as a career and the program is more aimed at assisting them in building social and professional skills that will allow them to succeed as they go through school and pursue the next steps in their lives.  It’s such a great program and I just started my third year as a mentor.  I also serve on the board of directors for the Eastern District of Wisconsin Bar Association, which puts on a ton of great programs, seminars and social events throughout the year.

What is your favorite thing about MTFN? 
The close-knit group of attorneys that really respect each other.

What has been the most impactful advice you have received about practicing law? 
Spend the time to become really good at what you do. And ask questions – always be curious and don’t assume that you know everything.  Put in the time to prepare and you’ll always feel you’ve done the best you can – even if you don’t always win.

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