Marquette Law School Class of 2023 takes the Attorney's Oath

In the Wisconsin Supreme Court Hearing Room in Madison, soon-to-be new Wisconsin lawyers take the Attorney’s Oath. For additional pictures, see the photo albums on the ​​​State Bar of Wisconsin Facebook page​.

May 24, 2023 – They are all new lawyers headed into practice in sports law, public interest law, mergers and acquisitions, business law, and more. Before the Wisconsin Supreme Court in six separate ceremonies, 167 new Wisconsin lawyers – new alumni of Marquette University Law School – took the Attorney’s Oath and signed the Attorney’s Roll book, becoming new Wisconsin lawyers on May 22, 2023.

“Today is one of the great days,” said Chief Justice Annette Kingsland Ziegler, with the Wisconsin Supreme Court welcoming so many new lawyers to the practice of law in Wisconsin.

“You are some of the most educated and intelligent people,” she said, “and you’re going to do great things with that.”

In giving words of advice, Chief Justice Ziegler quoted poet and author Maya Angelou: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

As a lawyer, people will come to you with their problems, the chief justice said. “And don’t forget to be human,” she said. “You will deeply and profoundly affect people in very positive ways. Go forward and do good things.”

Justice Pat Roggensack gives the Attorney's Oath

Justice Pat Roggensack gives the Attorney’s Oath during the 1:30 p.m. ceremony for Marquette Law School graduates.

New Beginnings

Anisha Amin is from Georgia – and chose Marquette University School of Law for the quality of its programs. She wants to practice immigration law. “She wants to settle down in Milwaukee,” said her father, Pinesh Amin . While Anisha is the first lawyer in her family, her father is an engineer, her mother, Bhavana Amin, works in finance, and her brother is in school to become a dentist. “She makes us very proud – we’re so happy and thrilled,” said Bhavana.

Cayla Irene McNeil became the first lawyer in her family. “This has been such a long journey,” said her mother, Carletta Scrivens-McNeil, joined by father Don McNeil. “But she persevered – and it feels so good.” In college, Cayla decided to become a lawyer after a judge spoke to her class in Columbus, Ohio. Cayla will practice in mergers and acquisitions with Quarles and Brady.

a Marquette law grad signs a book while others take photos

Fefe Jaber signs the Attorney’s Roll book at the Wisconsin Law Library, the final step in becoming a Wisconsin lawyer.

Julie Barnett, the day culminated years of work. She entered law school with the idea of helping people. “I know it’s the cliché, but I really love learning about the law,” Barnett said. She heads to the IRS Office of Chief Counsel in Milwaukee. From Ann Arbor, Michigan, and with two uncles who are lawyers, she chose Marquette after deciding on law while in college. Celebrating with her were her father, Jeff, and mother, Laurie, “We’re so proud,” said her father. “It is such an honored profession.”

Donald Henderson Jr. of Milwaukee wanted to become a lawyer for a long time. “This was his goal, and he stuck with it,” said his mother, Armetta Henderson. “I’m so proud of him – the hard work has paid off.” Donald Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps, attending Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota. “He followed behind me, then he went on to get his law degree,” said his father, Donald Henderson. Donald Jr. will be practicing estate planning and family law in Racine at the Penn Rakauski law firm. “I’ve always been someone who likes a challenge, and learning the law was that in itself.”

A smiling young man points to his name on a long list of names

With family and friends taking photos, Jeremy Fernando points to his name on the list of new Wisconsin lawyers following a ceremony on May 22, 2023.

Joe Franke’s movant was his father, former Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge John Franke, now a reserve judge. His father, Joe said, was a key factor in helping him through his college and law school years. “It’s not what I pictured of him when he was growing up,” Judge Franke joked. It was in college that Joe was inspired to enter the legal profession. “Today is the culmination of a lot of hard work,” Joe said. He is headed to real estate transaction work in Milwaukee.

Laureen Lehnberg is “excited” to finally become a lawyer – which represents the start of a second career. In 2017, she decided to go to law school, and attended part-time for six years. “My whole career, I’ve worked in consumer protection,” she said. As an attorney, she plans to focus on the public policy that governs consumer protections for financial services. “It’s not particularly fair right now as I see it,” she said. “It’s difficult for banks and other financial institutions to meaningfully protect consumers as they offer products and services to them.”

Anders Cassoday McLeod‘s movant was her father, Eric McLeod of Madison. He pointed out that Anders is the great-great-granddaughter of Wisconsin former Chief Justice John B. Cassoday, who served on the Court from 1880 to 1907. Prior to that, Cassoday served as Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly. In 1877, after Wisconsin Supreme Court denied
Lavinia Goodell‘s admission to the bar based on her gender, Cassoday introduced legislation to ensure that “no person be denied practicing law on account of sex.” “That bill became law,” Eric McLeod said, “and here we are today. … I am confident she will honor the legacy of Justice Cassoday.”

James Thayer Carpenter chose law out of a desire to have an impact. He wanted to become a lawyer since high school. He plans to work for a nonprofit and go into public interest law. Being a lawyer “means I have a very humbling responsibility” to uphold the traditions of being an attorney, he said.

Smiling and standing law school grads smile at family and friends

In the Supreme Court Hearing Room, Marquette law school graduates turn around for photos by family and friends after taking the Attorney’s Oath.

In 7th grade,
Kate Wiedel wrote down that she wanted to be a lawyer. Her goal never wavered, said her mother, Diane Wiedel. Kate is headed to practice in business law in Milwaukee. The day, Kate said, “feels surreal. I’m very excited for the opportunity.”

Lukas Jaeger thought about a career, he wanted something he could be passionate about – and that’s when he found law. “I’ve been confident this is the right choice ever since I started law school,” he said. From Menomonee Falls, he is the first lawyer in his family. “For my whole life, I’ve always been dedicated to public service. Today is the final step for me to actually work to make a difference in the community I live in, and I’m excited about that.” Lucas will work as an assistant district attorney in Milwaukee County.

Fefe Jaber grew up on the South Side of Milwaukee, and her goal in law was to give a voice to those who might not have one. One day, she plans to become involved in politics. She’s the first in her family to attend college and law school. Becoming a lawyer “is huge for me,” she said, and is the result of setting goals to make a difference in your own way. She’s learned that “whatever you set your mind to, you can do it, even if you’re not as privileged as others,” she said. Fefe is headed to work on the management side of labor and employment law. “It’s a way for me to make a change on the management side with the perspectives I have.”

Alana Sawall and
Daniel Sawall were married even before they started law school in 2020 – they met in college. As it turns out, Alana, working as a paralegal, decided to go to law school. As she studied for the LSAT, Daniel joined her. Together, they chose Marquette. Starting in June, Alana will be working in estate planning an elder law at Schober Schober & Mitchell S.C. in New Berlin, and Daniel will practice insurance defense with Siesennop & Sullivan, LLP in Mequon.

three smiling adults pose for a cell phone photo

Soon-to-be new Wisconsin lawyer Julie Barnett (right) poses for a selfie with her father, Jeff, and mother, Laurie, at the Capital in Madison on May 22, 2023, following a ceremony before the Supreme Court.

Carolyn Ebony Carson attended law school to be a voice for those who feel like they didn’t have one. In school, she said, “I had to be the first to do it because I didn’t know anybody in my field. I started to get comfortable with not only that I was the only one in my field but also the only one that looked like me in my field.” She will stay in Milwaukee “to help people that look like me, to be an inspiration implicitly to let them know I did it. I want them to know that their dreams are possible.”

New lawyers
Theresa Correa McMichen and
Nicholas McMichen married in September 2022. “We love Wisconsin and love Milwaukee,” Theresa said. Nicholas heads to DeWitt LLP in Brookfield to practice employee benefits law. Theresa joins the litigation team at Godfrey and Kahn in Milwaukee.

Noelle-Nadia Ansary Filali had always thought about law school while in high school and college. “I saw how the law can help people and change people’s lives every day,” she said. “I don’t have attorneys in my family – making the whole process intimidating. I am excited to be the first lawyer in my family.” Noelle-Nadia will practice in-house at U.S. Bank in Milwaukee on their regulatory administration team.

Sarah L’Hommedieu said finally becoming a lawyer – the achievement of years of work – feels “surreal.” She was happy to have shared the moment with friends and family who supported her along the way: both parents are lawyers, and her mother, Mary L’Hommedieu, was her movant, and practices in health law in Cleveland, Ohio, while her father, Kevin, practices in Canton, Ohio. “Our class has been through so much together through the pandemic,” she said of the Class of 2023. Sarah played soccer in college and chose Marquette for the sports law program. She is headed to Indianapolis to work for the NCAA in administrative compliance law.

a Marquette law grad signs a book while others take photos

Celebrating with her family and friends, Sarah L’Hommedieu (center) poses in front of the list of names of new Wisconsin lawyers.

Welcome to These New Wisconsin Lawyers

Anisha Pinesh Amin

Kelly Ann Anderson

Jake Evan Apostolu

Samuel Peter Aschliman

Abigail Joy Aswege

Aaron Edwin Bogage Baratz

Julie Emma Barnett

Benjamin Carl Bauman

Ivy Fawn Becker

Madison Marie Bedder

Vladyslav Yuriyovych Bilyy

Jessica Lynn Birmingham

Brett Stephen Blayer

Lauren Marie Boos

Cole Charles Jansing Bourgeois

Alexander Lee Boyer

Jack Joeseph Braaten

Selena Lynn Bravo

Alana Nicole Brown

Jessica Elizabeth Brown

Taylor Marie Browne

Brett William Bureau

Mark Alexander Burkett

Melissa Jo Buss

Michael Robert Calkins

James Thayer Carpenter

Carolyn Eboni Dy’Men Carson

Ethan Jacob Chmiel

Kevin Daniel Clancy

Noele Sofia Marie Mendoza Concepcion

Hunter Michael Cone

Brian Michael Cooley

Theresa Marie Correa McMichen

Brendan Joseph Corriere

Marisa Elizabeth Cullotta

John Peter Curran

Jennah Marie Curtin

Morgan Rae Cusick

Connor Jay Dartt

Tyler Scott Dau

Jada Monet Davis

Brady August Dettmann

Ryann Paige Deutsch

Jennifer Ruby Diaz

Catherine Ann Downey

Jackson Clay Dufault

Kyle Jacob Elderkin

Zachery Robert Engsberg

Jeremy Malcolm Patrick Fernando

Alexander Henry Ferrone

Noelle-Nadia Ansary Filali

Jon Connor Fitzharris

Dillon James Flynn

Taylor Marie Forman

Kolby Sinclaire Forrest

Joseph John Franke

Ilana Mae Friedman


Jocelyn Sophia Gaddini

Annika Noel Gereau

Travis Mitchell Goeden

Anne Therese Gonring

Bailey Frances Groh-Rasmussen

Alesha Ann Guenther

Lindita Hajdari

Wesley Everett Haslam

Nolan Joseph Heck

Donald Henderson Jr.

Andrew Curtis Holzmann

Angelica Monet Hutchins

Quintin DeVaun Hutoff Zufelt

Joseph Jeffrey Infusino

Zachary David Israel

Nicholas Steele Izquierdo

Munifeh Khalil Jaber

Lukas Elijah Jaeger

Zachary Charles Janssen

Nicole Lynee Jennings

Nathaniel Cletus Jung

Daniel Allan Kafka

Cassidy Lynn Kahl

Talwinder Singh Kang

Claudia Marie Karademas

Kyle Thomas Kasper

Matthew Ryan Kass

Joshua Richard Kather

Levi James Keeku

Paul Daniel Kekich

Samuel Mark Killian

Abigail Ann Kincheloe

Caleb James Kleiman

Aleksandra Maria Klepacki

Jacob Matthew Klippel

Leah Parks Kramer

Alexandra Noelle Lear

Laureen Rose Lehnberg

Jennifer Emma Lehner

Madeline Rose Lewis

Sarah Julia L’Hommedieu

Carmen Laura Lopez

Stephen Leo II Lovell II

Patrick Tilton McCormick

Anders Cassoday McLeod

Nicholas Ryan McMichen

Cayla Irene McNeil

Giancarlo Enrique Mora

Kimberly Lauren Navarrete Koepke

Ruth Louise Nord-Pekar

Erin Nicole Novak

Jared Logan Novitzke

Samantha Christine Olexa

Taylor Anne Olson

Maeve Gabrielle O’Malley


Andrea Nicole Panozzo

Kristin Haley Payer

Joshua John Peterman

Braxton James Gerald Phillips

Peyton Kenneth Phillips

Emily Marie Pinzl

Noah John Poole

Emily Edna Prager

Riley Thomas Printz

Monica Marie Rayman

Katelyn Paige Reinke

Mitchell Paul Rickmeier

Jack Anthony Rieder

Brenton Scott Riggall

Cameron Joseph Rink

Brianna Sharie Roark

Michael Vincent Rosenfeldt

Marie Theresa Ryan

Alana Christine Sawall

Daniel Gregery Sawall

Abigail Rose Schauer

Kendra Marie Schmeling

Cheryl Alexis Schmidt

Michael Van Seveska

Sydney Michelle Shaffer

Robyn Jewel Shepard

Napela Ho’oulu Leiolani Dakota Shim

Angela Ruth Simaytis

Christian Nicholas Tyr Simon

Emilie Kerstin Smith

Clara Christine Sporrer

Lauren Elizabeth Stanich

William Lawrence Stetter

Michelle Anne Svilpe

Nicholas Cesare Tenuta

Ronald Joseph Tenuta

Grace Kane Tressler

Aimee Amparo Trevino

Andrew Thomas Vellela

Meghan Kathleen Wallace

Bayley Joseph Waller

Emily Katherine Ward

Marquis Anthony Ward

Melissa Lynn Weinstein

Austin Alan Wesner

Kate Marie Wiedel

Eric James Wilson

Alexis Jo Witte

Alexa Joy Woeste

Noah Emmanuel Wolfenstein

Matthew Shawn Young

Bailey Andrew Zimmerly

Jessica Reynolds Zimpfer

Dimitri Zografi

Jordan Kier Zolliecoffer