One of the hottest topics in legal technology (really, all of legal practice) is the rise of ChatGPT and other AI-related tools. We’ve already seen an influx of existing and new tools that integrate some form of AI, particularly generative AI tools that allow lawyers to quickly create documents and analyze their work.

Over the past year, the Law Library staff taught courses (and will continue to do so each year) on legal tech and advanced legal research. One great outcome of these courses was an increased student interest in how AI will change the legal profession. One of our UW Law students, John Fuller, created a white paper that provides a snapshot of what tools are already providing generative AI assistance to attorneys. These tools range from brief analyzers to contract creation to patent editors, among others. Check out the full white paper below and learn about what tools can be adopted by legal professionals to potentially stay ahead of the AI-generated tidal wave of change in the legal research and legal tech world.