No, this entry isn’t about what happens when a lawyer gets disciplined or is facing discipline for criminal conduct and then gets pardoned for the conduct. I might write about that, given that recently became an issue.

Anyhow. Greetings to all of you new people who visited me through the Legal Talk Today podcast (give it a listen here) or through my interview with the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Inside Track (watch here). And, sorry all of that new content that Inside Track seemed to suggest happened on a regular basis did not actually happen.

One of my partners compared law practice to a sine wave—no matter the practice area, it ebbs and flows, and his idea of a good practice is one where the wave isn’t too deep. The fluctuations between busy and not are manageable.

August has been at the higher point of a higher sine wave. (I’m not sure if “higher” is the right term, but I was promised there would be no math.) So, light on content for a bit. I’ll get back to it.

Still, I’ve got some cool personal news. Today, I was elected to the Board of Directors of the Association for Professional Responsibility Lawyers, aka my ethics nerd group. I thank the members for their confidence in me, and look forward to the work ahead. That’s not going to help the sine wave but I’m excited.

Also, congratulations to fellow APRL member and ethics-snark-blog inspiration Brian Faughnan, who has taken the mantle as APRL’s president.