I’ve written about professionalism and “professionalism” before, and since then, I’ve answered more than one “would my tattoos/piercing/green hair be welcome at a law firm?” question. (My answer? I would welcome you but I know that’s far from universal.)

I’m excited to see the “What A Lawyer Looks Like” project, which lawyer Alan Mygatt-Tauber started last year, with this rationale:

[T]here is a stereotype that lawyers are all staid and professional and that this means that tattoos and funky hair colors are out of line. But in my experience, that isn’t true anymore. The profession is no longer the domain of cis, white, hetero males. Lawyers come in all genders, all races, all sexual orientations, and with all kinds of personal style. I wanted to do something to reflect that.

Take a look at the article and at the Twitter feed. It’s a neat project.