In welcome news for renters across the country, the Centers for Disease Control have extended the current Eviction Moratorium, which was set to expire on Wednesday, until June 30th. Under the extended order, residential tenants cannot be evicted from their homes solely for non-payment of rent, provided they give their Landlords (or Landlord’s agent) a signed copy of the CDC Eviction Moratorium Declaration Form (link below). (Note also that tenants who previously provided their Landlords with the Declaration do not need to provide a second copy of the Declaration to take advantage of the “extended” Moratorium).

According to some estimates (source), nearly 20% of renters are behind on monthly rent payments, totaling upwards of $50 billion dollars. Clearly, the Moratorium does little to get that money paid back – but for the time being – it at least provides peace of mind to tenants that they will not be removed from their homes.

If you are a landlord looking to provide resources to your tenants; or if you are a tenant looking for resources yourself, there are great ones right in our community:

Extended CDC Eviction Moratorium:

CDC Eviction Moratorium Declaration Form: (the form tenants must provide to their Landlord to take advantage of the Moratorium and not be evicted):

Legal Action of Wisconsin – Eviction Defense Project: (Organization dedicated to helping tenants with their eviction hearings in Milwaukee and Dane Counties. Free legal help from volunteer attorneys):

Community Advocates of Wisconsin: (Wonderful organization dedicated to helping individuals and families in Milwaukee with various needs, including direct-to-landlord rent assistance. Without Community Advocates during the pandemic, the landscape in Milwaukee would have been completely different):

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