Mahany Law Announces Addus HomeCare Wage Theft and Employment Investigation

Are or Were You an Employee of Addus Home Care and Aware of Fraud (Including Wage Theft)? We Want to Speak with You – Confidentiality Assured Addus HomeCare promotes itself as one of the largest home healthcare providers in the United States. With 189 locations and 33,000 employees, they are certainly big. According to their website, “Patient-focused and innovative, we are always looking for top talent – in direct care, skilled care and leadership. Great opportunities await!”

From what we hear, their employment opportunities are anything but great. Our employment law and wage theft team is currently investigating claims that workers are not being properly paid.

Their most recent review on Glassdoor? “Company is full of terrible management, low pay, little to no investment in training.” Another said, “absolutely criminal wages for home care workers.”

We understand that reviews can be easily manipulated. That is one of the reasons we are conducting our own investigation.

According to our source – someone who works or worked at the company – Addus HomeCare has knowingly underpaid workers. Under federal and most state laws, workers are entitled to be paid for every hour worked and should collect premium pay for every hour worked in excess of 40 hours within a calendar 7 day period.

How Is Addus Committing Fraud and Cheating Employees?

Our source says by not paying for travel time between job locations. Not paying travel time if client was not home. And shortchanging workers on mileage reimbursement.

Before filing a class action lawsuit, we always try to verify the information we have been told.

We are seeking to speak with current or former employees who have believe their pay isn’t being properly calculated. That includes overtime pay as well as not being paid for all hours worked. We would also like to discuss mileage and expense reimbursement issues you may have encountered.

We also want to review your employment agreement and determine if it contains a class action waiver and if so, how that waiver is worded.

Class Action or Individual Claim?

Addus HomeCare has somewhere between 189 and 215 offices. They do business all over the United States.

Normally wage theft claims are handled in court through a class action. It is much easier to find a lawyer to take 1000 cases with the same facts than it is to one willing to take a single case.

Employers know this and have made much more difficult for workers to get properly paid.

Greedy employers get away without not paying workers by placing “class action waivers” and arbitration clauses in their employment agreements. In other words, not only do they lie to workers and claim that they are not employees, they also forbid them from filing lawsuits or participating in a class action lawsuit. At present we have not determined if any Addus workers are covered by such an agreement.

What can you do if you were not properly paid? Plenty! The first step is contacting us. We are actively looking for active and recently separated Addus Home Care workers who believe they did not receive proper overtime, pay for hours worked or mileage reimbursement.

We never charge for our services unless we win. If you don’t win and recover money, you owe us nothing.

You work hard at your job. Don’t let a greedy employer cheat you from your pay.

Looking for more information? Visit our FLSA wage theft page. Even if you do not think you have a case, however, we are still interested in learning more about Addus and any fraud of which you are aware. Contact us online, by email or by phone at 202-800-9791.

All inquiries protected by the attorney client privilege and kept strictly confidential.

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