As a divorce attorney in Sheboygan County I get asked all the time, “when should I hire a divorce attorney”. I have thought about that question and I have come up with 7 times when you should hire a divorce attorney. This post talks about one instance when you should hire a divorce attorney. I will make another post with additional instances.

I cannot emphasize how difficult the divorce process can be, emotionally and physically. It takes a lot of energy and there is an emotional toll and a time commitment.

Many people try to work it out with their spouse. Some are successful, but the vast majority of people that do this end up shooting themselves in the foot.

Attorneys spend a lot of time undoing the damage that an unrepresented party has already caused. As attorneys we cannot change those facts. So, by hiring us early, we can avoid the mistakes and obtain a cleaner and more certain outcome.

Mistakes get made. People do not receive the financial compensation that they deserve. Many people are unaware of the law and what is afforded to them.

Routinely, people compromise on child support, spousal support and property division and they compromise, not because it is the right thing to do, but because they are scared to be successful. They are scared of the challenge and confrontation.

Sometimes, friction is good. You cannot get a diamond without friction. So, you really need to press ahead and a good divorce attorney will help you.

Spouses lean on each other, play to one another’s likings and take advantage of another’s weaknesses. It is sad, because people seek a divorce for many reasons – power and control being one of them.

For example, let’s say one spouse has controlled all the money. Then, when it comes time to divide money, and set child support and maintenance, the spouse who has traditionally exercised power and control simply exercises power and control all over again and the other party gives in to the financial demands and settlement.

Or with kids, it may start out fair, but overtime one spouse starts taking more and more time or denies the other parent time with children. This usually happens when spouses are divorcing and one spouse becomes more comfortable with the idea of being separated. That spouse gains strength in a way and uses power and control to convince the other spouse to give in.

After the fact, I ask, why did you do that and most people say it is because they were scared and just wanted it to be over with.

This is the wrong reason to finalize a divorce. Finalize it when it is right. When it is fair and equitable and in the best interest of children.

Yes, you can hire me after you file for divorce, and yes, you can hire me after your divorce is final and when you want to go back to Court to modify orders to make them more fair, but when you delay, you are already behind.

It is like a marathon. It is best to start together at the start line, or sometimes prior to that, in training. We can plan and then file. We can file and then run together.

Sure, I can assist you once you have started the race, but our outcome will be more certain if we start together earlier.