On July 7, 2020, the full City of Milwaukee Common Council approved legislation to create a program certifying that rental properties are lead-safe before they can be rented to tenants.

Authored by Alderman Ramsey, this resolution directs the Department of Administration-Intergovernmental Relations Division to seek the introduction and passage of state legislation that would permit the City of Milwaukee to create a program requiring rental property owners to certify that rental properties are lead-safe before they can be rented.

Alderman Rainey in his press release, stated that many properties rented for residential use in Milwaukee are believed to have significant lead-poisoning hazards that can be contained or abated by regular and conscientious maintenance, yet many renters are not aware of the existing lead hazards and how they pose a serious risk to the health and safety of anyone (especially children) living in these residential units.  “A person renting and living in a residential property has a right to presume the property being rented is a healthy and safe environment, free from risk of sickness or injury,” he said.

“A lead-safe certification program would compel landlords to contain or abate lead poisoning hazards, thus ensuring that stable value of these properties and the surrounding neighborhoods, and improving the quality of life for residents, ” Alderman Rainey said.  “Even though COVID-19 remains a top health priority, we must continue to do all we can to combat the dangerous lead issues that exists in Milwaukee” Rainey said.

HT to AASEW Owner (July 2020)

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