Now we know that we are eligible for federal registration, and that we can afford it.  But is it important?  Is this a primary part of our business or not?  What is your return on your investment for this product?  In our pretend business, SCRUBBIEDUBS is our overall trademark, so that’s likely important.  What if we have separate “lines” of washcloths?  Our “flagship” lines may be worth protecting, but a one-off one may not be.  Unless we are super-fancy and have limited editions that are collectible.  What? I can dream.  

Is this something we are going to do for the next six months and then let it go?  If it is something fairly insignificant or will end as soon as it starts, then no, it is not likely worth the cost.  But if this is something that we are going to market hard with a lot of dollars going into advertising it, then registering it makes a lot of sense.

This essentially boils down to the answers to two questions:

  1. Will we get a return on that investment?
  2. Will we ever spend money to enforce this?

If the answer is “no” to both, then it’s definitely not worth it.  If it is split, then you have to ask yourself what the point is?  Again, back to that strategy and goal question from before.  Goodness gracious, it’s almost like those matter.  We want to make sure that your dollars advance your goals.

People can get vanity or ego-boosting trademarks.  We can take your money for that.  But before we do, we want to make sure you know that’s why you are doing it.  We’d rather help build your company’s value than your ego.  

Now if both of the answers to the questions above are yes, then yeah, it’s looking like it may be worth it. Everything is aligning to show this trademark has value, so let’s protect this valuable asset.