Here are 5 great reasons to hire a family law attorney to help you.

Reason #1 – Divorce is serious business

A divorce is effectively a lawsuit between you and your spouse for the right to see your children and the right to divide everything that you own. For most people, that is life. What else is more important than your children, and the right to possess your property and handle your finances? All too often people take the divorce process lightly. They discover, after judgment, that the settlement did not turn out fairly. It is very difficult to get back into court to make changes to the divorce judgment. Many of the provisions, by law, cannot be changed at all. A divorce attorney specializing in divorce law and all its aspects. A divorce attorney can give you critical advice that is necessary for your present and future right to your children and finances. My client’s often tell me that my advice and counsel helped tremendously.

Reason #2 – You cannot trust your estranged spouse, but you can trust your attorney

An attorney has a fiduciary duty to represent you. That means our loyalty is to you and no one else – not your spouse, not the courts, not the opposing attorney. Our job is to give you relevant and helpful guidance and advice. We will tell you if the options on the table concerning child custody, physical placement, maintenance, child support and property division are fair and equitable. When spouses split up and start the divorce process their loyalties to each other fade. As loyalty fades, self-interest takes over. You can bet that your estranged spouse is thinking about what is best for him or her and not what is best for you. Our job is to make sure we are thinking about what is best for you.

Reason #3 – Attorneys can find financial information that your estranged spouse is hiding

Most people ask their spouse about finances and they accept the answer received as if it is truth. In fact, many times, spouses hide financial information from each other. An attorney’s job is to help you discover as much as possible about the marital estate. This includes all information pertaining to the assets, debts, liabilities, and expenses of both spouses. For example, many clients will tell me that their spouse told them that they do not have a pension. While pensions may be a thing of the past, we routinely discover that a spouse has an interest in a pension. We discover that by digging deeper than a client would do and most other attorneys. Our point is not to brag, but simply to state that we will search out the truth and not be satisfied until we have looked under every stone.

Reason #4 – Attorneys know how to present relevant evidence

Many clients hire me after they tried to explain their case and were denied the ability to do so. This is mostly because people believe they can come to a courtroom and simply explain their position. No way. Rules of evidence apply no matter if you are represented by an attorney or not. We prepare your claim by listening to your story. We gather documentary evidence and we talk to witnesses. We will present your case following the rules of evidence, making sure that all relevant information about your children and finances is presented to the court so that a fair and equitable decision can be made.

Reason #5 – Divorce attorneys understand the emotional strain of divorce

Friends and family are great resources during the divorce process, but they do not understand the legal aspects of marriage and divorce. While well meaning, family and friends can give advice that negatively impacts your divorce. Sometimes friends and family are dealing with loss from the divorce just as you are, and as a result, they may not give sound advice. Divorce attorneys are really good listeners. We react to your needs and wishes. Because we handle so many divorces, we can identify when our clients are making sound judgments and when they are clouded by emotion. Our job is to bring you back to center to make sure you are making decisions grounded in fact and law and not just one of the two. 

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