OSHA has just issued a “Guidance on Returning to Work” for what it calls “non-essential businesses”.  According to OSHA’s press release, the Guidance supplements OSHA’s previously issued guidance on preparing workplaces for COVID-19 and the White House “Guidelines for Opening up America Again”.

The Guidance recommends a phased approach to reopening workplaces, as well as development of workplace reopening plans.  It contains a list of “principles” that it advises employers to consider when developing such plans, as well as recommendations for implementing those principles.  In addition, the Guidance updates a list of frequently asked questions, and provides references to OSHA regulations which can be implicated when dealing with COVID-19, specifically relating to training, recordkeeping, and retaliation.

The new Guidance may be found at here.  OSHA’s press release announcing the Guidance is at dol.gov.