We firmly believe that the most important thing that a business can do is listen to their customers. Listen to what they are telling you, listen to what they are asking you, but also listen for their problems beyond their direct statements and questions. But don’t stop there. Then look at what you can do to address those issues. Do you need to change your ways? Stop doing something or start doing something else? You can just nod and say, “Hmm, yes, I hear you.”

During this PPP madness, one thing that we kept hearing is that while clients *knew* they had their documents somewhere, they couldn’t quite put their fingers on them at this moment. Could we maybe send them a copy of their bylaws? Or my favorite, a thank you note from a client for putting together a binder for them when we created her company with all of those documents. She knew where her binder was so when the bank asked, she had it all at her fingertips!

So we were getting asked a lot for documents. We were hearing from our clients that it was often desired that they could just grab a copy of a document from us rather than dig through their system. This was definitely a thing. That means we had to act. And so we have!

We are now offering our clients a secure portal to get their final documents. If you are our client, expect to be receiving more information from us soon. There are also some additional options thanks to your comments and questions. We talked to clients, referral sources, friends, and at least one random vendor who had the misfortune of calling Erin at the wrong (or right) time.

The question now becomes what are you hearing from your customers? What are they telling you? What can you do to address their needs? Then, what does that mean for you? We needed a new vendor and a contract with our clients. So listen, then act both for them and for you. I look forward to seeing what you roll out!